SSX Tricky  
Boarding Made Tricky!

TtTacklerSSX was arguably the best PS2 game at launch, showing off what the PS2 could really do. Also, it was the first game made by the newest division of Electronic Arts, EA Sports Big. And now, after the success of SSX and NBA Street, they're coming back with another round of SSX. SSX: Tricky was originally intended to be an upgrade of SSX with a few more characters and levels, but it's become much more than that, a sequel.

Gameplay will stay pretty much the same in SSX: Tricky but with some promising new improvements. There will be tons of new tricks (of course), like the new all-new Ubertricks that you will be able to perform. Just fill up your trick meter, and then you will be able to perform one of four of your boarders jaw-dropping Ubertricks. The boarders that you will be able to do these tricks with are all the same except for a few new rookies, like: Marisol, Luther, Eddie, Brodi, and Psymon. The bad news though, is that Hiro and Jergen will not make it to the line-up this year, although everyone else will stay in the game.

Along with new tricks and characters, there will be some story added to the game. Boarders will have friends and rivals, better steer clear away from your rivals or they'll knock you down face first into the snow. And it would be wise to not agitate your friends, or you'll just make yourself some new enemies. It's little things like this that will add new, fresh gameplay elements and make it much better than the first one.

Speaking of new, fresh gameplay in SSX: Tricky, all levels will be brought back, but re-done with new high-flying jumps and will also be much larger than before too. Especially the Tokyo pinball level, instead of landing into a maze after flying up into the air, you will be treated to an assortment of jumps to get tricky (pun intended) on. Also, there will be two new added tracks: Garibaldi and Alaska.

What can I say? The sound was superb in SSX, but SSX: Tricky will be much better since boarders will now have Hollywood talent behind their voices, which sounds interesting at least with this current list of voice actors:

  • Lucy Liu
  • Oliver Platt
  • Macy Gray
  • David Arquette
  • Billy Zane
  • Patricia Valezquez
  • Bif Naked
  • Jim Rose

And let's just hope that all you will hear while catching big air is the wind against your face like in the first game.

The graphics in SSX are still good looking to this day, and it seems as though SSX: Tricky will add on and improve the graphics. Textures will be refined and look prettier, making it easier to determine the white snow from the yellow snow. Characters will look smoother and animations will be more fluid and seamlessly transact into one another. Boarders have new facial animations that look great so far. Hopefully, Tricky will still run at a smooth (yet fast) 60 FPS (frames per second) like the original SSX even though eviroments will be much larger and have, at times, all characters on-screen at once. But we have no need to worry, right? Right.

Extra, Extra
Just like Tricky was originally planned to do, the game will feature extras. As usual, SSX: Tricky will have the traditional hidden characters, tracks, and tricks to uncover as you progress through the World Circuit Mode.

If there was one good reason to get SSX: Tricky if you already have SSX besides new tracks and characters, is to get it for the nicely packaged DVD extras. The DVD will have a behind-the-scenes look at the making of SSX: Tricky, a look at the voice actors, making of the music, and much more.

It's safe to say that if you have SSX or you've beaten it already, and you loved the game, you should definitely consider getting or checking out SSX: Tricky. What was once a simple Director's Cut version of SSX dubbed SSX: DVD, is now a full-blown sequel to arguably the best PS2 launch title, and its a must-have for sure if it lives up to the first.

- TtTackler (October 28th, 2001)