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Graphics : 3.5

Easily the worst aspect of the game, the graphics of Enter The Dragonfly are a disappointment. Spyro looks cute, the levels are colourful, but the truth isthat the game looks like a PsOne title, and not a smooth one.

Spyro The Dragon games developed for PsOne were technically brilliant, with polished graphics and a rock-solid framerate for the system. For some odd reason, this Playstation 2 instalment is affected by awful framerate problems; the game continuously drops below 30fps, and there is nothing here to justify this weak performance. The environments look large, have nice pastel colors, but they are unsophisticated, poorly designed and textured, and look just like those of the old PsOne games. Most of the polygonal character models are very very simplistic, and even main characters like Spyro's friends Bianca and Hunter look terribly cheap and poorly designed.

A few things save the graphics from being a disaster. Particle and lighting effects are sometimes really neat - even if we know the Playstation 2 is a beast at handling these - and many character models and animations look cute. Spyro is built with a decent number of polygons, and moves smoothly like in the previous instalments; but also secondary characters like the jumping sheep and the shy dragonflies can make you smile.

Sound : 6.0

Overall, the sounds follow the tradition of the series. The soundtrack is made of gentle, relaxing themes occasionally tinged with more serious shades that seems a little suspect into the joyful atmosphere of the game.

Sound effects are simple but funny, and add a lot to the cartoony feel of the game. Voice acting is decent, even if not as brilliant as in the previous PsOne instalments.

Considered into its genre, Enter The Dragonfly is a rather short platform game, with roughly 15 hours needed to complete it. But the real problem is that unlike a short but amazing platform like Sly Cooper, Enter The Dragonfly offers no reasons to a second playthrough; considering the ugly framerate, the bugs, and the lack of depth in the gameplay there are also good chances you'll not even have the patience to finish the game once.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 4.5

Spyro The Dragon: Enter The Dragonfly doesn't make any justice to a series that delivered many of the most addictive platform games on PsOne. The poor Spyro enters the Playstation 2 line-up with a game that is definitely a disappointment.

The game looks and feels like a PsOne game, and seems designed to run on that machine. The gameplay is very loyal to the tradition of the series, but has only rare moments of originality and completely lacks the depth necessary to keep players used to more up to date games interested. And the bad graphics, the irritating bugs, the too long loading times are all things to keep in mind if you are interested in purchasing this game.

Probably, only very young players could love this little adventure. But are we sure children can't see the difference between Enter The Dragonfly and amazing games like Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper?

Next time Spyro, next time.

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- Harry (24 Mar, 2003)

Replay Value
Overall Score

Check Six Studios
Universal Interactive
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
November 3rd, 2002
November 29th, 2002

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