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Graphics : 9.0

Using the Tony Hawk engine once again, the graphics fit perfectly for the game and are never dull for your eyes. There is no "jaggies" in game at all, or they're just not too noticeable, and the game stays at a perfect, smooth 60 FPS at all times which is quite amazing when you're fighting about five or six enemies at once and are all shooting at you and moving at once. Every few levels take place in the same setting so some of the textures are used often so they get very repetitive, but then again, they aren't horrible looking so they are standable.

Animations are superb in the game, the digital Spider-Man is just as agile as the 'real' Spider-Man from the movie. The animations for the combos run smoothly from one right into the other, no jerkiness from the punches into the kicks either. While swinging in the air Spider-Man's arms and legs move around depending on how fast he is going, showing how in depth Treyarch went with getting Spider-Man's motions perfect.

For the most part, lighting effects are sort of ordinary and plain, spotlights don't shine magnificently and light doesn't exactly shine through windows, which would have been a really generous effect, but it isn't too big of a deal. But what really caught my eye the most was how beautifully the windows on skyscrapers reflected light from the sun and you can actually see the reflection of other buildings perfectly making it look very life-like. Explosions and particle effects have been done exceptionally well, like the lasers from Scorpion's tail, explosions from the Green Goblin's bombs, and the way the Shocker's air vibrations makes ripples in the air looks great.

Sound : 8.5

The game scores pretty well in this category mostly because of the superb voice acting of Bruce Campbell as the narrator. Whenever he is telling you how to do something in the game, whether it be important or something that you really don't need to know, he is always making small wise-cracks here and there that you just have to at least chuckle at. I'm very pleased that Treyarch decided to use Bruce as the narrator, he's the perfect guy for the role, even though it is somewhat insignificant. Tobey Maguire does the voice of Spider-Man (it's just natural that they use the star from the movie) and although he seems to be the least likely guy to be Spider-Man, he does the voice great and his wise-cracks sound natural. Willem Dafoe (also from the movie) does the voice of Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin, and in my opinion, he is perfect for playing as the Goblin as he fits the role perfectly.

The background music for the game sounds like it was ripped right out of the movie and just doesn't really fit the game all too well. I sort of miss the short rock guitar riffs from the first Spider-Man game for the PSOne, but I guess that's jut me... Foot steps, grunts, etc. all sound pretty generic and isn't all that spectacular, although the sound effects from whenever you shoot some web or swing around sounds pretty fair. Explosions, however, sound great and makes you feel like you're right there in the middle of the action.

There are so many objectives to complete in the game that you'll find yourself playing through it more than twice. As I have mentioned before, there are twenty-four golden spiders hidden throughout the game which will let you unlock all the combos. Even more so, after finishing a level you will gain points which can be used towards unlocking secrets (such as a very amusing bowling mini-game!). To gain even more points than for just beating the level you're on, you will have to finish objectives which consist of finding secret rooms or destroying a certain amount of enemies, and some levels you can gain bonus points for finishing it quickly for a time bonus.

The game's length itself is pretty fair for its genre. In total there are twenty-two levels in the game, and will take you about five to seven hours to complete the first time through and about three hours each time after that. Moreover, not only there is a lot of secrets to unlock that will have you playing through the game quite a few times, but there are a lot of cheats that you can play around with such new costumes (play as Mary Jane or even the Green Goblin!) and Matrix-style attacks (eat your heart out Keanu Reeves)!

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 9.0

This game is not just another one of those cheap movie to game cash-ins, it is a very enjoyable game that will keep you busy for hours. If you're looking for a new PS2 game to play around with, or just want to get into the reincarnated Spider-Man craze and want to feel how it is to live the life of Peter Parker himself, then Spider-Man is the game to get courtesy of your friendly neighborhood game company, Activision.

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- TtTackler (9 May, 2002)

Replay Value
Overall Score

Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
April 15th, 2002
February 13th, 2003
June 6th, 2002

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