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Spider-Man: The Movie  
Welcome back true believers!

TtTacklerIn light of the new Spider-Man movie recently released in the US of A, Activision has made a brand new game loosely based on the movie with all the wall-crawling and web-shooting that you can handle. Look out, here comes the amazing Spider-Man to your PS2!

Gameplay : 9.0

If you've played the first two Spidey games for the PSOne, you'll know what to expect, but bigger and better. Fighting is done pretty much the same, except now you can do many more combos that range from simple three-hit punch and kick combos, to various types of athletic dives and tackles. You can still do all the same web attacks, such as the web impact and web dome, but with the addition of advanced web attacks that you can obtain which are faster and more powerful.

If you think thought you would get all these wonderful combos right from the start, you're quite wrong! Throughout the game you will have to find and collect strategically hidden (even though most of them are in plain sight) gold spiders that will let you do some of these useful combos. In all, there are twenty-four golden spiders throughout the game. Be on your toes since some levels have more than one golden spider in them or in some cases you will have to chase them down! Even though using and obtaining most of the combos is a joy to do, they definitely keep fighting thugs from getting too repetitive by having to use the same old attacks over and over again.

Probably one of the most amusing aspects of the game is swinging throughout the Big Apple. Swinging in-between buildings and fighting in mid-air is exhilarating. In some levels you will have to chase villains, like the Vulture and the Green Goblin, throughout the city while dodging their bombs and attacks giving you the sense that you're actually Spider-Man swinging from one building to another while trying to save people's lives and just plain ol' beat up the bad guy! Fighting while swinging is so fun and easy to do that it never gets tiring or boring.

The controls are exactly the same as the PSOne editions of the game so no surprises here. Let's start out with the top buttons, R2 is used for web slinging, you can also hold it down to swing even faster. R1 is used for web zip, which is very useful to get out of sight so that you get caught or you're trying to get away from a group of enemies faster. L1 is the camera lock-on button which locks onto enemies, of course. Triangle and a directional button (up, down, etc.) lets you perform web attacks. Lastly, the x button jumps (pressing x twice does a double jump), square is the punch button, and circle is the kick button. My only complaint about the controls is a very jumpy camera, which can be gratefully fixed by changing the camera settings from active to passive in the option menu.

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Replay Value
Overall Score

Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
April 15th, 2002
February 13th, 2003
June 6th, 2002

The digital Spider-Man is just as agile as the Spider-Man from the movie.

Swinging throughout NY is exciting!

You can unlock new combos proceeding in the game.
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