WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It  
Can you smell what THQ is cooking?

TtTacklerThe WWF Smackdown series is arguably the best wrestling series out there. The first two Smackdown titles, for the PSX, have both been blockbuster multi-million game sellers. And with Yukes at the helm, developer of the first two PSX titles, once again for Smackdown 3; the game looks, and sounds, very promising.

Smackdown 3: Just Bring It is going to be the first wrestling game to be released on the PS2 in the US, and will be the closest you will get to the real thing without actually getting into the "squared circle" with the People's Champ. For the first time in a Smackdown game, you will be able to watch every single wrestlers entrance from start to finish. Yukes has captured each wrestlers authentic entrance frame by frame and The Undertaker even comes out on his bike! Not only that, you will now be able to jump wrestlers during their entrance if you don't feel like waiting or just want to kick some serious butt! And if your wondering whom you can actually kick butt with, and their finishing moves, here's the most recent list...

Albert (Baldo Bomb - Spinning Rack Pancake), Big Show, Billy Gunn (One and Only - Fame Asser), Bradshaw (Clothesline from Hell - Jackknife Powerbomb), Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Buh Buh Cutter - Super Powerbomb), Chris Benoit (Crippler Crossface - Diving Headbutt), Chris Jericho (Lionsault - Walls of Jericho), Christian (Unprettier - Diving Reverse DDT), Crash Holly (Crash Bulldog - DDT), Dean Malenko (Flip & Texas Cloverleaf - Texas Cloverleaf), Debra, D-Von Dudley (Strong Reverse DDT - Piledriver), Eddy Guerrero (Frog Splash - Cross Backbreaker), Edge (Buzz Killer - Downward Spiral), Faarooq (Dominator - Super Spinebuster), Goodfather, Hardcore Holly (Alabama Slam - Falcon Arrow), Ivory (Test Neckbreaker - Backdrop), Jeff Hardy (Swanton Bomb - Jeff Twist of Fate), Justin Credible, Kane (Kane Chokeslam - Kane Powerbomb Pin), Kurt Angle (Angle Slam - Anglelock), Lita (Diving Moonsault - Jeff Twist of Fate), Matt Hardy (Matt Twist of Fate - Hardy Boyz Leg Drop), Michael Cole, Mick Foley, Molly Holly (Diving Moonsault - Sambo Suplex), Perry Saturn (Three-Handled Family Gredunza - Death Valley Driver), Raven (Raven Effect - Complete Shot), Rhyno, Rikishi (Banzai Drop - Rikishi Driver), The Rock (People's Elbow - Rock Bottom), Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin (Stone Cold Stunner), Steve Blackman (Guillotine Choke - Lethal Kick), Steven Richard (Stevenkick - Falling Powerbomb Pin), Tazz (Ground Tazzmission - Back Tazzmission), Test (Big Boot - Diving Powerbomb), Triple H (Pedigree), Trish Stratus (Bulldog - Kick to Groin), The Undertaker (The Last Ride - Undertaker Chokeslam), Vince McMahon (Finishing Punch - Stunner), William Regal (Regal Cutter - Regal Stretch), X-Pac

This list of wrestlers is subject to change, so if your favorite superstar isn't on that list, that person just may be added since Yukes is waiting until the very last minute to have the most up-to-date roster. Now you may be wondering what types of matches you will be able to kick butt in with your favorite superstar...

  1. Single Match - No Manager
  2. Single Match - With Manager
  3. Tag Match - Normal
  4. Tag Match - With Manager
  5. Tag Match - Tornado Tag
  6. Six-Man Tag Match - Normal
  7. Six-Man Tag Match - Tornado Six-Man
  8. Handicap - One on Two
  9. Handicap - One on Tag
  10. Handicap - One on Three
  11. Royal Rumble
  12. King of the Ring - Normal
  13. King of the Ring - "Amazing"
  14. Hardcore - Single
  15. Hardcore - Tornado Tag
  16. Hardcore - Tornado Six-Man
  17. Hardcore - Triple Threat Tornado Tag
  18. Hardcore - One on Two
  19. Hardcore - One on Three
  20. Hardcore - Triple Threat
  21. Hardcore - Fatal Four-Way
  22. Hardcore - Special Referee
  23. Hardcore - Time-Limit Title Match
  24. Falls Count Anywhere - Single
  25. Falls Count Anywhere - Tornado Tag
  26. Falls Count Anywhere - Tornado Six-Man
  27. Falls Count Anywhere - Triple Threat Tornado Tag
  28. Falls Count Anywhere - One on Two
  29. Falls Count Anywhere - One on Three
  30. Falls Count Anywhere - Triple Threat
  31. Falls Count Anywhere - Fatal Four-Way
  32. Falls Count Anywhere - Special Referee
  33. Survival - Triple Threat
  34. Survival - Fatal Four-Way
  35. Survival - Lumberjack
  36. Survival - Battle Royal (Six men)
  37. Survival - Battle Royal (Eight men)
  38. Cage - Single
  39. Cage - Tornado Tag
  40. Cage - Triple Threat
  41. Cage - Fatal Four-Way
  42. Hell in a Cell - Single
  43. Hell in a Cell - Tornado Tag
  44. Hell in a Cell - Triple Threat
  45. Hell in a Cell - Fatal Four-Way
  46. Hell in a Cell - Armageddon
  47. 3 Stages of Hell - Single
  48. I Quit - Single
  49. Special Referee - One Referee
  50. Special Referee - Two Referee
  51. Ladder - Single
  52. Ladder - Tornado Tag
  53. Ladder - Triple Threat
  54. Ladder - Fatal Four-Way
  55. Table - Single
  56. Table - Tornado Tag
  57. Table - Triple Threat
  58. Table - Fatal Four-Way
  59. TLC - Single
  60. TLC - Tornado Tag
  61. TLC - Triple Threat
  62. TLC - Fatal Four-Way
  63. Slobberknocker
  64. Lumberjack - Single
  65. Iron-Man - Single
  66. Iron-Man - Special Referee
  67. TLC for Title - Single
  68. TLC for Title - Tornado Tag
  69. TLC for Title - Triple Threat
  70. TLC for Title - Fatal Four-Way

Just like the list of wrestlers, the list of matches is very likely to change. Any WWF zealot should be happy with these lists so far and even happier to find out that the controls in Smackdown 3 have been left the same. Circle and pressing in any direction will still be grappling moves, X will still be used for attack moves (such as punches, kicks, ect.), triangle will make you run, and L1 is used for wrestlers' special moves. There will be an addition to grapples where moves will be able to transition into submission moves, which sounds very promising. You will still be able to take a fight outside of the ring and into other areas of the arena like in new areas such as the APA room (even with the door, even though it seems it will block your view of the action), and even outside of the arena for a true street fight! Probably one of the finer additions to the game is the ability to bring the fight into the crowd! There is no list of weapons, yet, or if they will now be able to be broken, but it's likely that the game will have the same weapons as in Smackdown 2: Know Your Role for PSX.

Three modes that will be brought back, are Create-A-Player, Create-A-Taunt, and Create-A-Stable. Create-A-Player will be better then ever with over 1000 body parts and such to choose from to customize the look of your superstar. However, there is no word on what will be different in Create-A-Taunt, except for most likely new actions to choose from. And Create-A-Stable will be returning so that you can create your own alliance with your favorite superstars. One new mode that will be implemented though will be Create-A-Arena where you can customize your very own arena to your liking!

THQ promises that career mode will have more in-depth storylines with rivalries that will last longer. They also stated that the storyline will start somewhere during the actual storyline in real-life like in Smackdown 2. But there is no word yet where the storyline will exactly start off.

Like I mentioned before, you will be able to jump wrestlers during their entrances, but not only that, you will now be able to do illegal moves. Since there is now a ref in the ring, you can distract him so that your partner can do illegal moves to your opponent, and if your caught; the ref will disqualify you. If your partner lost a tag-team match for you, you can jump them to let out your frustration!

The graphics so far in Smackdown 3 are looking sharp and it looks as if the game is pumping polygons by the barrelfull! Although most of the wrestlers, like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, look true to life, they still don't have much muscle definition. In other words, everyone looks rather, flat. Not only that, some wrestlers, namely Kurt Angle, just don't look right. It's likely that all of this will be fixed before the game is finished, and it's still good to know that character models look much better than in Raw Is War for X-Box, whose models have too much muscle definition and faces look really distorted.

Another problem with the graphics is the fact that wrestler's clothes are textures so they look cut off and unnatural. However, the clothes/costumes look exactly like how they are in real-life. Not only that, but each wrestler has their tattoos on them, for example, The Undertaker has all of his tattoos on his arms and even the one on his neck that says,"Sara." Back to the bad parts, hair looks horrible in the game. Hair is made of only a few pixels and is the same exact quality as in the PSX titles.

Probably the most graphically impressing part of the game so far is the arenas. The ring looks great and bounces and moves depending how hard you hit the mat. The Smackdown, Raw is War, and pay-per-view event arenas all look great and look like the real life setups. The crowd is looking great even though the people are sprites made up of pixels. The people in the crowd also move fluidly instead of moving like stick figures in the PSX Smackdown titles.

Smackdown 3 will have over 1000 animations in the game, including facial expressions, which haven't been implemented in the game yet, and hopefully even the Dudley Death Drop (3D). The series has been known for the fact that each wrestler does wrestling moves in their own styles just like in real life. But with the hardware capabilities of the PS2, moves look even better and aren't choppy at all. If you watch The Rock doing the People's Elbow in the game and watch how his arms move while doing it, you'll swear that you were actually watching him do it on TV!

For the first time in a Smackdown title, commentary by Michael Cole and Tazz has been implemented into the game. Only fifty lines or so have been added so far, but it sounds promising, and it's pretty obvious that more lines of commentary will be added. You will also be able to interactive with Cole and Tazz, since they're at ringside. If you are fighting near them they will move out of the way of the battle. What's funny though, is that when Tazz is having a match, he's at ringside with Michael Cole doing commentary also. Smackdown 3 will most likely have the same sound effects and same style of annoying background music as in the first two Smackdown titles.

Smackdown 3: Just Bring It will be for any WWF zealot out there waiting for the perfect wrestling game. And it looks like the wrestling loving development team, Yukes, is on the verge of creating that wrestling game.

Notes: thanks to Ign.com for the lists of Matches and wrestlers. We would also like to express our irritation for the closing of Smackdown Central.com

- TtTackler (October 24th, 2001)