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Graphics : 8.0

The graphic engine of Sled Storm seems the same behind SSX: Tricky. In fact, the game offers visuals that are very close to the ones of SSX, and as I said before, the crazy level design is exactly the same. Sled Storm conveys the same great sense of freedom and vastness of SSX, at the same time providing an extraordinary variety, also within the same level.

All this is done smoothly, and the graphic engine can provide genuine thrills at a blistering speed. Yes, Sled Storm is an incredibly fast game, faster than SSX, and what's more impressive, the environments are always filled with details, enormous structures, and mountains. The shortcuts often become sort of great sub-levels, and proceeding in the game they become more and more imaginative. These are levels that could be easily inserted in an adventure game or in a good platform. Lighting effects are sometimes gorgeous, and they vary from beautiful sun flares to the light of torches and headlights.

The characters have the same hip-hop design of the ones in SSX, and in fact many of the heroes of the SSX series, like the aggressive Zoe or the psychotic Psymon, are in this game. They look all extremely cool, for one reason or another, and are clearly created to appeal both girls and boys. The dozens of different sleds available in the game look great too, with bodies built till to the slightest detail. The characters are well animated, they react finely to the movements of the sled, and many of their tricks are a pleasure to look at. It would be impossible to see such aerobatics in the real world, but in some way, the developers were able to make them look believable.

Overall, rock solid, ultra-smooth graphic engine. Maybe the visuals are the same of SSX, but they still look terrific while running at 200Mph on a sled.

Sound : 8.0

As usual for EA games, Sled Storm features a soundtrack that's above the average. There are ten adrenaline-pumping techno-rock themes that fit the atmosphere of the game and the design of the characters. Sound effects, first of all the engine noises, are good, and the cast of voice actors is as perfect as the one of the SSX series. There are many funny cool lines that the characters say during the race. Unfortunately, Sled Storm doesn't have the dynamic sounds of SSX, where the music changed accordingly to the on screen action. But that's a minor flaw.

Sled Storm includes a lot of extras, and it will take a while to unlock all of them. Besides, completing the Championship mode you'll open the Rival Challenge mode, where you can race in a 1-on-1 race to win the sled of your opponent. The levels are just seven, but they are truly enormous, and the game includes a good two players mode. The only real problem is that Sled Storm can become easily frustrating and it lacks the freshness of the SSX series.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 7.5

Sled Storm is definitely a less balanced arcade game than SSX or SSX Tricky, with more than a serious problem in the game design, but it's still able to deliver an amusing gaming experience. Sled Storm offers a powerful sense of speed, great graphics, good sounds, excellent level design and intuitive controls. It's more challenging than SSX, and this could attract the hardcore fans of racing games. The ones who loved the original Sled Storm should rent this game before buying it. In fact, Sled Storm for Playstation 2 is completely different from the Playstation game.

Special Thanks to Luca Bianco of CTO, exclusive distributor of Sled Storm in Italy.

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- Harry (12 May, 2002)

Replay Value
Overall Score

EA Canada
EA Sports BIG
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
March 11th, 2002
March 22nd, 2002

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