Silent Hill 3 Cheats

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References to Silent Hill 2 (PAL)

In order to unlock many hidden references and jokes referring to Silent Hill 2, you need a PAL savegame of Silent Hill 2, with the game successfully completed, on the same memory card where your Silent Hill 3 savegame is.

Submitted by: DouglasSniper

Unlock Extra Options

On the options menu, press

L1 + L2 + R1 + R2

If you die twice in Normal difficulty, a Beginner difficulty will be also available here.

Submitted by: DouglasSniper

Unlock Extra Costumes (PAL)

Once you've compelted the game, you can access the secret costume password screen. Enter one of the following codes to unlock a costume in the PAL (European) version.
  • HappyBirthday (Heather Shirt)
  • I_Love_You (Onsen)
  • PutHere2FeelJoy (Block Head)
  • TOUCH_MY_HEART (Don't Touch)
  • GangsterGirl (God Of Thunder)
  • cockadooodledoo (Golden Rooster)
  • LightToFuture (The Light)
  • ShogyouMujou (Transience)
  • BlueRobbieWin (Killer Rabbit)
  • 01_03_08_11_12 (Royal Flush)
  • PrincessHeart (Transform)
  • Shut_your_mouth (Zipper)

Submitted by: DouglasSniper

Douglas is wearing underwear...

After you've completed the game once, highlight the "Extra New Game" option in the main menu screen, then press

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X

In some cutscenes Douglas will be wearing just his underwear!

Submitted by: DouglasSniper