Silent Hill 2 Cheats

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Extra Options

At the Options menu hold L1 and R1 buttons. You will see a new menu where you can mess a bit with different options. If you access this menu after you have finished the game once you will be able to raise the number of ammo you pick up during the game.

Turn Off the Scratchy Filter

As you have noticed, in Silent Hill 2 a special sratchy filter is used throughout the game, that gives this title a wonderful, eerie "grainy" look. After you have finished the game once you can turn off this filter and play the game with sharper images.

Get Chain Saw!

A very nice weapon for all the ones who finished the game once in Normal Difficult + Normal Puzzles mode. When you start a new game, search the logs near to the cemetery and get this little surprise.

Unlock another Hard mode

Silent Hill 2 is not a brief game. If you beat it in all of the three riddle difficult settings (Easy-Normal-Hard) you can play again in the Hard difficult setting: the puzzles will change!