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PlayStation 2 Fantasy

Graphics : 8.5

The graphics are one of the most charming aspects of this game. While the characters lack something in definition and textures, they are all nicely designed. They have refined facial expressions, they have well designed hairstyles and they are marvellously animated.

The 3D backgrounds are excellent, too. Many of the environments you'll see during your explorations are simply wonderful. Thanks to great detailed textures, wonderful shadows and lighting effects, the developers of Shadow Of Destiny have been able to completely absorb the player into the world of the game. The rooms of the houses you'll visit will literally amaze you.

We're probably far away from the wonders we'll see in Silent Hill 2 or in Metal Gear Solid 2, but the truth is that during this game, thanks to the great graphics and the wonderful sounds, you'll feel a strong sense of empathy towards the main character.

Sound : 9.5

Sounds in this game are simply perfect. Konami has always given its games original, unforgettable soundtracks, something more than the usual videogames' catchy music. Metal Gear Solid's theme and Silent Hill's music are just an example of the excellence achieved by this Japanese software house. Shadow Of Destiny features touching music that conveys a profound sense of mystery and sadness at the same time.

Shadow Of Destiny uses massively spoken dialogues. The quality of the voices is the best you could ever want in a videogame. Not only the tones used are absolutely real but they also always fit the character. The acting is great and the lines of dialogue are worthy of a good, deep movie.

To complete this game you'll need no more than 7 hours. Anyhow, if you want to discover all the truth about Eike's death, you have to play the game more than once, in order to experience all the five possible endings. Shadow Of Destiny is definitely a brief game but it's a bit like a good movie. You can watch it even a thousand times and you will always have fun.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 8.5

Great graphics, unbelievable sounds, an intriguing plot and deep characters make this game a wonderful adventure. On the other hand, the replay value is short, and to complete Shadow Of Destiny you'll need no more than 7 hours. Anyhow, there are five different endings and you will probably want to play the game more than once to find out all the secrets around Eike's death.

I'd suggest this game to all those who are searching something different from the usual PsOne's survival horror game for their console. Probably, if you like action games, you'll hate this one, but the truth is that Shadow Of Destiny is one of the best console games released in the last months - and one of the most intelligent, well-written, fascinating adventure games ever to grace any platform.

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- Panuru (23 Oct, 2001)

Replay Value
Overall Score

Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
March 5th, 2001
February 22nd, 2001
March 30th, 2001

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