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Graphics : 7.5

Characters in this game are splendidly characterized and perfectly animated. The bodies, which are a good mix of caricatural and realistic elements, are simple but well defined. Developers have been able to create some clean 3d characters, completely deprived of any aliasing issue.
Michael Jackson is recreated marvellously; he's wearing one of his weird costumes and a pair of shiny boxing gloves. During the match, he can perform a perfect “moonwalk” to irritate his opponent. Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles Lakers' champion, is defined with such care that he could have been easily inserted in a game like Tekken Tag Tournament or Espn Track & Field. Bill Clinton and Hillary are in absolute the most absurd characters ever featured in a sports game, but they perfectly amalgamate, in their own way, with the strange heroes of Ready To Rumble 2, mainly thanks to the great job of the draftsmen that have conceived them in their videogame version.
In some days of the year, exploiting the inside clock of the Ps2, Ready To Rumble 2 will show many changes in the look of the various characters. For instance, on April 23 you can see Mama Tua with an Easter costume, on October 31 you will see J.R. Flurry with a nice Hollywood costume while on Saint Patricks' day you can see the cool referee wearing a green dress.

Nevertheless, this care used for the characters has not been used on the backgrounds, which are extremely poor. Overall, Ready To Rumble 2 will not surprise the players like Tekken or Dead or Alive did, and it use just a little amount of the power of the new console.

Sound : 7.5

Each character has his own particular voice and a series of phrases that if spoken will terribly irritate the opponents. Michael Jackson has his legendary acute yells, politics is Hillary's favourite argument, and Afro Thunder is the greatest comedian who has ever entered a boxing ring.

The sound effects are those of a cartoon, exaggerated and thrilling at the same time. To tell the truth they're so thrilling that you'll have the insane impulse to destroy your opponent just to hear the punching-ball noise produced by your hit on his face. Music here is a detail of secondary importance, even though it fits the comic atmosphere of this funny game.

Midway should have introduced at least ten more movements for each character to make the gaming experience in this game exciting. Anyhow the easy controls make Ready to Rumble 2 the ideal game for the occasional player or for all those situations in which you don't want to learn 30 or 40 moves before you can start enjoying a game.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 7.5

Ready To Rumble 2 is not a deep game, that's sure. Anyhow the multiplayer mode is amusing, the characters are funny and overall this game is different from all the other fighting games. I'd suggest this game to all the ones who are tired of Tekken and Dead Or Alive. A touch of humour is always appreciated, and this silly game will really make you laugh.

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- Carlito (23 Oct, 2001)

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Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
October 23rd, 2000
January 31st, 2002

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