One Fourth  
A strategic RPG developed by From Software

PanuruAfter Evergrace and Eternal Ring, One Fourth is the third RPG developed by From Software which is going to be released for Ps2. It's clear that From Software wants to conquer a place of relief in the production of games of this genre, placing itself in good position, trying to fight the enormous success of Final Fantasy with the introduction of inusual elements (the dress-up system in Evergrace) or with the rediscovery of classic RPG elements ( the rings in Eternal Ring) .

Anyhow, the previous RPGs released by From Software on Playstation2 are very different from One Fourth. If Evergrace was a fanciful adventure RPG and Eternal Ring was an RPG based on a first person view, One Fourth belongs to the category of Strategic RPGs. In this sub-genre of games, more common among PC titles, usually the complicated plot and the deep characters of other RPGs is set aside in favour of strategical elements, like the organization of your team of characters before a battle.

In One Fourth the plot is very conventional. The king calls four heroic warriors in order to solve a difficult mission: they have to find and defeat an evil demon who has escaped from the prison in which he had been imprisoned for a long time. The principal mission is the ideal background for a series of brief secondary missions (each of them not overcoming the twenty minutes, more or less), created to add further rhythm to the game without losing however the central and primary scope of the game.

As I've already said, there is the possibility to choose for your team four warriors, selected among eight classes. In this way you'll vary the characteristics of the whole team. You can balance your team in order to avoid that a determined aspect or a determined quality grows stronger while another remains weak.

It looks like the team will be led by a pretty fairy (from this particular element the game derives the title 1/4); the attacks will be pre-arranged by the player and performed automatically during the battle. So maybe you're asking yourself: what the role of the player will be then?
Naturally he has always to be in the right place at the right time and he has to create the best strategy for his team in order to win and survive the battles. This could seem a simple and banal task, but just try to think about choosing the right position for a character while hordes of angry and wild enemies are going to attack you from every direction! You can easily figure out that it is not as easy as you may think....

Every single character of your team will be identified and selected with one of the four buttons of the controller ( circle, triangle, square and X), and in this way the player will be able to easily choose one of them and move him in a certain position using the D-pad.

Even without arousing particular surprises in the world of RPGs for Ps2, surely One Fourth has all the premises to be a pleasant and interesting game. Its release will be an important event for RPGs lovers, and maybe also those who have tried and loved the other two From Software's RPGs, Evergrace and Eternal Ring, will appreciate it.

- Panuru (October 23rd, 2001)