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Monsters, Inc.  
Help Sulley, Mike and Boo in this classic platform.

PanuruYear after year movies like Monsters Inc., even if some people despise them only because they're mainly dedicated to a young audience, are always very successful among not only kids, but also among older people. Pixar's movies are funny, amusing and always well developed. The fact movies like Monsters Inc. are a good way to spend a couple of hours doesn't mean also a videogame based on the same movie (as it happened for example for "A bug's life") is the best way to spend 10+ hours. A movie and a videogame, also for the different amount of time they require, still remain separate forms of entertainment; if a movie with certain characteristics is pretty good, it doesn't automatically mean the videogame will be that good.

Gameplay : 6.0

Monstropolis, the huge city where all monsters live, needs energy. Monsters Inc., the big company that gathers the necessary energy for Monstropolis, exploits the terror of young children. In fact the energy is given by the screams of those innocent children. The monsters who work for Monsters Inc. must scare the little children in order to collect energy. Everything seems to be calm as usual in Monstropolis, but suddenly something unexpected happens: one of the children escape from her world and enters the world where monsters live. The problem is that in Monstropolis children are considered toxic material... This is the plot. During the game you play as Sulley, the top scarer working for Monsters Inc., a sort of hero for the city of Monstropolis. Your mission consists in finding Boo (the little human girl) and avoid all the controls of the merciless agents of the Child Detection Agency (CDA).

Nearly every level is focused on this basic mission, but finding Boo won't be so easy. You'll have to jump, climb ropes, avoid many obstacles and get rid of enemies while following the complex wanderings of Boo. It will be very useful to listen to Mike, Sulley's best friend, when you meet him through levels. Also, suggestion points are positioned near some of the hardest obstacles to help you. In addiction to the main mission, you'll have to collect screams, canisters, and scare little creatures similar to porcupines in order to obtain extras and an higher score. Bonus levels are also part of the game. Throughout each bonus level you'll have to scare mechanical kids while they're sleeping, like it happens for the training parts in the movie. Be careful, because kids are not always scared by your terrible roars!

The structure of this game is very simple and levels are not so difficult to be completed, also considering you have infinite lives. This kind of structure and also the typology of obstacles are common in every other classic platform. The main problem is that the game becomes boring and repetitive after some time, and some parts of the levels are really frustrating: trying to perform the right jump over and over again is not exactly what we can call a clever way of improving your skills... Something new or some more variation would have been useful to spice up this game.

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Replay Value
Overall Score

Kodiak Interactive
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
March 19th, 2002
February 1st, 2002

Sulley and Mike are cool, funny monsters.

You'll hate this guy!

This is evil!
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