Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty Cheats

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Amaze the guards

When a guard see you, a blue exclamation point will appear above his head. If you shoot the blue punctuation mark, you'll knock the guard out temporarily!

For a better Grip Strength

While you are hanging from a bar or from an edge go into first person mode; then, press R2 and L2 at the same time and Snake will do a pull-up: do 100 pull-ups and Otacon will reveal you that your Grip Strength has been improved! And hey, it works.

Skip Codec Text

This tip is useful for all the ones who are not playing the game for the first time. You can quickly skip through all the Codec voices and text just pressing the triangle button twice. Press it once and you will only stop the voice.

Sexy girls and Otacon

Take pictures of all the girl posters and of the two locker doors that have a boy and a girl on them. Send them to Otacon instead of the photos of the Metal Gear Ray, and wait for his funny response.

Submitted by: Jeremy81

Zoom-In during cutscenes

In the real-time rendered cutscenes, you can zoom in pressing the R1 button. You can also move the camera with the right analog stick.

Bathroom... sounds

When you're listening to the conversation between Ocelot and Solidus with your Directional Mic, press left and point the mic at the bathroom. Be prepared to laugh.

Extreme Mode

After you have beaten the game once, the Extreme difficulty level is unlocked.

Get the Camera

If you beat the game once, you can play the game with the same save and have a Digital Camera in your inventory. Exactly like in the first episode, you can use the camera to take screenshots and save them onto your memory card.

Stealth camo

Collect 76 total dog tags. This is a stealth camo that makes you invisible to enemies.

Submitted by: Paul Lauria

Brown Wig

Gather up 80 dog tags from the plant. This allows Raiden infinite ammo. Obviously its Plant Chapter exclusive.

Submitted by: Paul Lauria

Get the Bandana

Collect 46 Dog Tags. This allows you infinite ammo when worn, but it can only be used during the Tanker Chapter.

Submitted by: Paul Lauria

Kill two birds with one stone

When there are 2 or more guards fighting you, you can shoot through them if they are lined up and it will kill them all. But it has to be a head or chest shot. Saves time!!

Submitted by: mattw1231

The billion uses of coolant

Although Peter Stillman gives you collant to freeze the bombs,the item has good many uses. For exampale, spary it at an enemies and they'll become temporarily blinded. Or, spray it at someone to wake him or her up. It can also serve as bug spray.

Submitted by: Laith

Codec Comments

In the middle of a codec transmission, you can make Snake or Raiden comment what the other person is saying by pressing L2 or R2 (depending what point in the game you are at).

Submitted by: Sean Gates

Play with projectors

When you are Snake (not Raiden) go to the hold no.2: there will be two projectors (save before doing this cheat). Go to the closest projector and press the action button and it will switch the screens, do this enough times and a secret will happen, but after the secret they will see you so make sure to save!

Submitted by: sLiPkNoT bOy ()

Comments of Emma Emmerich

When you are escorting Emma with the PSG 1, after you have killed all the enemies or you have asked Snake to continue escorting Emma instead of you, take the directional microphone and point it to Emma. You will hear her comments.

Submitted by: SM Infoware

Orange Wig

Gather 170 Dog tags at the Plant. When equiped the grip guage is infinite. Not very useful at all; not worth the effort if you ask me.

Submitted by: Paul Lauria

Blue Wig

Gather all Dog Tags from each level. This allows infinite oxygen gauge. Not at all worth the effort.

Submitted by: Paul Lauria