Legacy Of Kain: Defiance
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April 1st, 2004
A Shakespearean drama with vampires at its best. But how does it play?

11 cheats available for Legacy Of Kain: Defiance.

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November 4th, 2001
I was gifted with wings. And for my impertinence I was damned. (Raziel)

November 2nd, 2001
"Now I stalk the ruins of Nosgoth seeking to destroy my creator." (Raziel)

October 31st, 2001
"The humans think it is a poison of the blood that makes us what we are.
Fools, the blood only feeds the bodies we live in." Raziel

September 5th, 2003
Eidos today announced the opening of the official website for the new Legacy Of Kain game.