Jak II
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The sequel to the popular Jak & Daxter, Jak II shows a new Jak as the main hero. Sent to the future by a Precursor machine, Jak is kidnapped by Baron Praxis, and experimented for two years with Dark Eco. The furry Daxter manages to save him, but Jak has changed forever. Filled with rage, he wants only vengeance against those who tortured him...

April 1st, 2004
Jak is back. He's taller, stronger, more menacing, and he can hit civilians. But behind the Tommy Vercetti side, the heart of a platformer is beating fast.

11 screenshots available for Jak II.

November 9th, 2004
Ending chapter of the Jak and Daxter series now available.

September 8th, 2004
Hot games for less - what else could you ask for?

July 22nd, 2004
A long, detailed interview with the guys at Insomniac.

July 22nd, 2004
An official Q&A with Daniel Arey about Naughty Dog's new game.

June 15th, 2004
SCEA to support the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network to encourage America's youth to vote.

April 27th, 2004
The cute dragon will have a new game this fall.

April 19th, 2004
SCEA unveiled the first details about Jak 3 - which, apparently, will be the ending chapter of the series.

October 14th, 2003
The new work from Naughty Dog now available in all stores - and with a new, more menacing and cynic Jak as the main hero.

March 18th, 2003
SCEA officially announced today the sequel to the successful Jak & Daxter.