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Readers' Reviews - author: Shawn Hayden
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec  

When you hear the name Gran Turismo it has come to mean one thing: racing simulation at its best. Since the first one released well over 3 years ago, people have come to expect this series to dominate the racing genre. Well this time around, Polyphony Digital have brought the series to a new console, and are hoping to get a new start. Will they prevail in there attempts, or will they crash and burn?

Like the past games, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is the driving simulator. From the ultra-realistic cars, to the amazingly realistic control, you feel as if you are in these beast of the street. There is an impressive (although slim compared to its predecessor) car list with over 150 cars. From the less powerful PT Cruiser to the F094/S... (yes thats an F1 racer!) you get every thing a car lover could possibly want. Aside from the extensive car list, you still have the option of tuning your cars. Need a couple extra horses to take out a race? Add a racing muffler see if that does the trick, if not, why not add a racing transmission, or a set of super-slick tires? Point is, there is a hell of a lot of stuff to do/add to your cars. This time around, the car wash actually does count for something! Besides making you car look better, it also, when combined with an oil change, raises your HP about 40 to 50. Your HP will also drop if the oil is not changed, and your car is not washed, so be sure to get the oil changed every couple races.

Now that the car part is out of the way lets talk about the graphics. Boy oh boy aren't these perty? The slickest visuals you'll ever see on a PS2, along side some of the best car modeling I have ever seen come from any next-gen system, makes these really great to look at. Sometimes you won't be able to tell the difference between the game... and real life. Yes, they are that good. The first time you watch a replay you will have to make sure it's your PS2 that is on, and not a race on TV. The heat effect added to the replays is really awesome as well. Some other effects added are the two wet tracks, life-like dust and tire smoke, and skid-marks that stay for the whole race.

VRRRROOOM! The sound in this game is top-notch... on the engine part at least. Every car has been recorded and has its own unique sound. In other words, the Dodge Viper and the Volkswagon Beetle sound different. The music on the other hand is not quite as extravagent. Some of the tunes are great but then we have the others. Plain, dull, uninteresting, and un-synchronized music makes the sound not as pleasent as you may seem. Who ever thought of the idea of having a rap song in a racing game should be relieved of his duties!

To sum it all up, Gran Turimso 3: A-Spec is the best racing simulation out there to date. Like its predecessors, it is dominating the genre like no other. Even though there are some kinks, the game still *%#$ rocks! If you in anyway are into racing games, or any of the previous Gran Turismo games, then please, for YOUR sake, buy this game right now!

Pros: + AMAZING Visuals
+ 150 plus cars to choose from
+ Extremely addictive
+ Long game endurance

Cons: - A lot of the cars were taking out
- Stupid AI

Gameplay : 8.5

Amazing control over the cars, but the sometimes stupid AI kills the gameplay.

Graphics : 10.0

Please! You just can't get better than this.

Sound : 8.0

The engine sounds are nice, and car specific, but the music is sometimes lacking and doesn't really match the game.

You will play this game a lot. If it's just against your friends, you will play!

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 9.5

As a whole, I think the game is definatly the best Sim/Racing game to ever grace any video gaming platform. Although some aspects are missing, I think that it is the best undisputed king of racing.

Replay Value
Overall Score

Polyphony Digital
1-6 (via i.Link)
Dual Shock 2
Steering Wheel
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
July 9th, 2001
April 28th, 2001
July 20th, 2001
July 20th, 2001

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