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Readers' Reviews - author: Leo
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec  

You know this game will be a hit, unless you haven't been around for the last decade or so. The Gran Turismo series have produced driving games. Good driving games, that showed great graphics and handled realistically. I think Gran Turismo 1 was popular because of the amount of depth it had. The first game had 150 real cars, from the makers Toyota and Mitsubishi, to name a few. They were all capable of being tuned fully, which affected the gameplay greatly. It deserved its title 'The Real Driving Simulator', because it was 'real'. It was based in the real world, having to get your license, getting your car washed, buying new ones. They laid in the essence of Gran Turismo Mode, which is where the heart of the game was. You had a choice of cars, and you had to buy a used one with the low money you had. Then you had to get a license, and then you could race for more money. Simple, but fantastically effective. The Arcade Mode was great too, with the option to unlock new tracks and cars by completing the races available. The Soundtrack was excellent, real rock and 'driving' music.

Then came Gran Turismo 2, and it was hugely anticipated. It did not disappoint. It contained over 600 cars! And even more tracks. The Graphics were greatly improved, and, after listening to complaints that the GT mode was too 'Eastern', they redid the GT Mode to approve to Westerners. Plus the new options to trade and carry over cars with the Memory Cards made it a worthy sequel.

Now, a new console has come out, The Playstation 2, and Gran Turismo 3 was highly anticipated. Was it worth all the delays?

Gameplay : 9.0

The gameplay is of the Gran Turismo style, all cars react realistically to the track, which is shown when comparing the Rally/Dirt tracks to the Tarmac. The Tarmac is your usual road, which is best set on 'Automatic'(I'll explain in a sec), and rally modes are where you slide out in style. Great for showboating, Rally uses the 'Drift' Option. The Automatic and Drift options are available when you select your car. Automatic is mainly driving normally, you brake when you turn into a corner too hard, you'll probably spin out, in Drift, you can't spin easily. Instead you slide around for great posing.

The cars all handle brilliantly, with dirt slowing sports tyres down, and 4WD cars slow on tarmac. Not much has changed from the first 2 gt games in terms of gameplay, but why fix it if it isn't broken?

Graphics : 10.0

The Graphics are absolutely breath-taking, the cars are so solid, the tracks and backgrounds so realistic, you will drool over the controller. At first, I didn't go from the finish line because I was so startled by the graphics. They are incredible, you have to see it to believe it. Especially in the Trial Mountain track, where the sunshine shines through the trees and reflects on the cars. Beautiful....I couldn't find any flaw, any glitch in the graphics, which showed how all that time was used.

They show that it was worth the wait (PS, unlock the Special Stage Wet Tracks for graphical phenomenon).

Sound : 9.5

The sounds have been digitally recorded using real cars. The engine noises are spot on, I love revving up a 449 hp monster in the starting line. The Soundtrack is GT Style, rock and funk music is played throughout the races (I like Lenny Kravitz's song, 'Are you gonna go my way').

Feeder was greatly involved in the soundtrack, and really add to the atmosphere.

If you don't keep coming back for the Gran Turismo Mode, there's something wrong with you

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 9.5

This game is essential for your PS2 collection. People may be distracted by the lack of cars (only 150) compared to Gran Turismo 2 (600+), but the cars that are here are truly beautiful. Great cars, great tracks, great sounds, a great game. I order you to buy it now!

Replay Value
Overall Score

Polyphony Digital
1-6 (via i.Link)
Dual Shock 2
Steering Wheel
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
July 9th, 2001
April 28th, 2001
July 20th, 2001
July 20th, 2001

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