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Graphics : 8.5

I've spoken a lot about graphics in the gameplay section, but this game is worth this treatment.

The soccer players are wonderful polygonal models and their animated faces, even if they lack something in realism, are the exact copy of the real players. The animations are fluid, thanks also to the motion capture technique used to realize the game. The players don't seem a series of clones thrown in field just waiting to be controlled by you; every soccer player stirs and otherwise acts, according to his own peculiar characteristics and to his own constitution. The uniforms are excellently realized and they add a lot of realism to your virtual heroes.

The stadiums have been designed with an amazing richness of details. Next to the grass field there are ball boys, referees, TV cameramen, and the benches with substitute players. There are animated advertising posters, just like in real stadiums and the light effects are gorgeous. The crowd in the background is good too, even if I would like to have seen a higher level of detail in a 128 bit game. Overall, the stadiums look real thanks also to great weather effects.

In the next versions of the game we will surely see some improvements but at present Fifa 2001: Major League Soccer is, no doubt about it, the best looking soccer game available. The game also supports 16:9 widescreen mode, if you have one of those nice new TVs, and it constantly runs at 60 frames per second in high resolution.

Sound : 8.0

As usual, Ea Sports has spent a lot of money to give Fifa a high quality soundtrack. Great pop-music stars have worked to the game: besides the DJ Paul Oakenfield and the Grand Theft Auto, Fifa 2001 features a version of Moby's hit Bodyrock.

The sound effects are great too; crowd chants and yelling and the voices of the soccer players are nice. The sound produced by the ball when kicked is perfect and environmental noises like the noise of the rain are a surprising touch of art. Although the musicians chosen by Ea Sports are not among my favourites, I have to admit that sounds in Fifa 2001 are extremely good.

Fifa 2001 features all the game modes, all the teams, all the options, and all the graphic effects that a soccer enthusiast could ask to a game devoted to his favourite sport. Anyhow, if you hate soccer, you'll probably hate Fifa, too. But this is surely not a fault of EA Sports' developers.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 8.5

There is little to say. Fifa 2001, is surely the good soccer game you were waiting. For all those people that already possess Fifa 2001 on Playstation 1, I strongly suggest renting this title before buying it, even if I have no doubt that your hearts won't withstand the charm of this 128 bit version.

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- Carlito (21 Oct, 2001)

Replay Value
Overall Score

EA Canada
EA Sports
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
November 27th, 2000
December 7th, 2000
November 21st, 2000
November 21st, 2000

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