The Legacy Of Kain Series: Appearence, Existence  

A series of three detailed articles that introduce to the complex world of the Legacy Of Kain series. Who is Raziel? What happened to the land of Nosgoth thousands years ago?  

Chapter 1: The Story of Nosgoth
Written by: Harry - October 31st, 2001
"The humans think it is a poison of the blood that makes us what we are.
Fools, the blood only feeds the bodies we live in." Raziel

Chapter 2: Appearence, existence.
Written by: Harry - November 2nd, 2001
"Now I stalk the ruins of Nosgoth seeking to destroy my creator." (Raziel)
Chapter 3: Demons and Warriors
Written by: Harry - November 4th, 2001
I was gifted with wings. And for my impertinence I was damned. (Raziel)