The Characters Of Final Fantasy X  

A look at all the characters of Final Fantasy X, from the beautiful Yuna to the mysterious Auron.  

Written by: Panuru - December 5th, 2001
"Could this be the end? If it is, I want to tell everything."
Written by: Rei - December 7th, 2001
"You may not know it now, but I was always the one who was correct in the past, right?"
Written by: Carlito - December 9th, 2001
"One has to decide to try to become someone just to get used to the person you want to become."
Written by: Harry - December 14th, 2001
"Every story has an ending."
Written by: Panuru - December 16th, 2001
"It's my opinion that I will realize the ideals of my father, who died for his dreams."
Written by: Rei - December 17th, 2001
"I keep my memories inside me."
Wakka and Blitzball
Written by: Carlito - December 17th, 2001
"I decided to become a guard and fight Sin."
Written by: Harry - December 19th, 2001
"I will defeat Sin. I must defeat Sin."