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ATV Offroad Fury 2  
Rainbow Studios deliver a definite winner in the extreme racing genre.

JjmooheadQuestion! What has 4 wheels, an engine, a throttle and can fly over 200 feet? No, not your cousin Earl's latest experiment trying to make a Volkswagen Beetle fly, it's the newest game in the Offroad series. ATV Offroad Fury 2 by Rainbow Studious to be exact. The game of high flying, wheeling popping, and breath stopping action is back... and online!

I went out and got the game on the day of the release, and I have been so into it that I fell into a gaming coma and lost track of reality. We have all been there before! Luckily I just had to hit the reset button and the trance was broken. I figure before I power up the Ps2 I better get off the review as to not make the people wait any longer.

Gameplay : 9.5

Before you even get to play the game you first need to create a profile. If you don't create a profile you can't save your game, if you don't save your game there is no reason to play, simply playing the first few courses over and over again can really get annoying and it takes some time to actually win championships and move on to new tracks. Not quite as long as that previous sentence, but long enough to make you cry if you accidentally hit the reset button. During the creation of your profile you get to give the rider a makeover. Well in the fashion department. You can change the color of his boots, or the sponsor he rides for. This has no significance to the actual game, simply lets you choose a bunch of different colors and combinations. Do you have a favorite number? Well if your like me you do, and you can put it on both your quad and your back. I like the #1 because when I'm in first racing online, everyone behind me knows I am #1.

The first thing you want to do once you are able to get on a quad is go into training mode. Even if you have played the first one, which I remind you was the greatest game on the market at that time, you must play the training mode. Once you finish it, you gain access to 4 new quads that will make your racing experience that much easier. If you have never played the ATV series it's a must that you do this training mode. It will teach you a few simple things that will help you overtake the computer players in single action or stop me from lapping you in online play (I am that good).

After your training experience is completed, it's time to jump right into the Championship modes. Winning these races gives you access to bonus profile points which allows you to buy new tracks and accessories. The sooner you complete a few of the championships the sooner you get access to new quads, which go faster and jump farther. This allows you to break the records for lap time, total time, trick attack and jump distance that much easier. Each course has its own set of records that are displayed on the load up screen before the race begins. It's a great way to intimidate your friends when they come over, when they see your name beside every record. Note: These same records are shown on the internet game loading time too, so don't think you have the fastest time on the internet, trust me, because I hold all of those (They don't actually have any online records).

There are so many different tracks and environments to race on. According to SCEA's press release there are 40 "massive environments" in all; I have not unlocked everything yet and I've seen only 25 of them thus far. I enjoy the stadium races and I have pretty much mastered that aspect of the game. My National races however are lacking and I gave up trying cause I just love winning to much. With about 20 different quads to unlock and ride (all with real names and logos) your riding experience will only get better as the game play goes on.

So now you are on the track, you have altered your quad bike just slightly with the 3 sliding adjustment bars for things like suspension and traction and you are at the start line. RED LIGHT, RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT! You're off! Be sure to lean forward for a faster start. Now you are racing, jumping and of course falling off your bike. The idea of course is win, be the first to cross the finish line after a set number of laps. Realize again though that you can do no better then 2nd cause I'll always be ahead of you. The game play is similar to the first one and I won't go into a lot of detail, I'm sure if you are reading this you have played games like MX Rider, or Motocross Madness so you kind of have an understanding of what's going on around you. Just learn to balance out your bike in the air and remember to do the super jump technique you learn in training mode. I won't explain it here, just so you will train first before you ride.

There are other things to do rather than racing though. There are things like Freestyle mode, where the idea is to throw out some sick tricks and build up your points. The rider with the most points wins after a set time wins. It's that simple. To do tricks hit Triangle, Circle, or L1 plus the direction pad. Doing a combination of two buttons will do harder tricks for more points.

The best part of the game though is... no sorry, not Online Play, although very cool, it comes a distant second to the mini-games. Well, one mini-game actually: Hockey. Yes that's right, I said hockey. 2 to 4 quads and a giant puck inside a mini hockey rink trying to score, imagine the chaos. The glass cracks when you hit it and the steering is tough just like on real ice. Most of your time will be spent playing this part of the game, it's a blast. There are other mini-games like King of the Hill, but I'm afraid this hockey is the only one you will need to play.

I have no complaints at all on the game play aspect of this game. The only thing preventing a perfect ten is that you only race 4 other riders during single players and 3 other riders online. Give me 10 next game and I will award a 10.

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Replay Value
Overall Score

Rainbow Studios
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Network Adapter
Release Date
North America
November 12th, 2002
October 3rd, 2003
September 2003

There are about 20 quads to unlock and ride.

Racing in first person view.

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