"I will defeat Sin. I must defeat Sin."

Harry Honest, gentle, beautiful: Like Aeris in Final Fantasy VII and Garnet in Final Fantasy IX, Yuna is the only hope for a world that is near to destruction.

Character profile

Name : Yuna
Age : 17
Height : 161cm
Weapon : Rod
Hometown : Bevelle
Class : Summoner

General Information
Yuna is the central character of Final Fantasy X. Her mother died after Sin attacked her boat and her father, the summoner Braska, died fighting Sin when she was just 7. Since then Kimari has protected her and Wakka, Lulu and Chap raised her as a younger sister. She carries a big burden on her shoulders. In fact, she is the only one to have the powers to defeat Sin. Like her father, Yuna is a summoner able to invoke creatures called Aeons, the only beings that can stop Sin's fury.

But Yuna rarely shows signs of her sad feelings to the ones who love her. Yuna is the only symbol of hope for the world of Spira, and she completely understand her role. She is a gentle, honest person who seems to care more of the others than of herself. Yuna seems to be loved and respected by all the characters of Final Fantasy X. Auron, Tidus and Rikku will decide to become Yuna's guards like Lulu, Wakka and Kimari.

The way to become a summoner it's hard and dangerous for a young girl. In order to defeat Sin, she needs to acquire the power to invoke all the Aeons. For this reason, she travels the world, in search of the Temples where the Aeons reside. But one not strong enough to bear the power of the Aeons could die trying to approach one of these beings. For this reason, Yuna needs the help of all her friends.

Yuna is a Japanese name. It means "night", and considering the name Tidus means "sun" in the dialect of Okinawa, it says something on their mutual - yet opposed - love. Yuna also is the name of a hibiscus flower that can be found in Japan, a flower that is more open during the night than during the day. The delicate decorations on Yuna's dress and necklace are reproductions of this flower.

Yuna is probably one of the most adorable characters ever to grace a videogame. Her eyes are big, with a slightly asiatic shape, and they are of different colors. The right one is green, the left one is blue. Her round face has delicate and elegant features. Yuna's hair is light brown and short. She has earrings on her left ear and a silver necklace with an acquamarine stone.

Yuna wears a sort of Kimono. The top is white and held by a yellow obi decorated with flowers. The skirt is dark blue, decorated with a wave of white hibiscus flowers. Tied to her arms is a pair of white and pink bands. When Yuna dances, they move like waves in the sea.

CG Images
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Weapons and Abilities
In battle, Yuna uses a summoner's staff. Throughout the game are scattered more than 60 different staffs, each with particular abilities. Using her powers, Yuna can invoke Aeons, the Final Fantasy X's version of Summon creatures and Guardian Forces.

Anyhow, this time the developers have revolutionized the use of these creatures. When Yuna invoke an Aeon, it becomes a playable character of your team. For this reason, playing with Yuna you will have the possibility to use any of the abilities of the Aeons she can invoke.

Aeons are exactly like playable characters. They can defend, attack, cast spells and they also have their own overdrives. Back from the other Final Fantasy games are only Ifrit, Shiva and Bahamut. Other Aeons are Valfor (similar to Phoenix from preceding Final Fantasy games), Youjinbo, Ixion, Anima, 3 sisters of magus (present in Final Fantasy IV). In order to get all of the Aeons available, you need to complete a series of subquests during the game.

Yuna's Overdrive is called Master Summon: Yuna invokes an Aeon and it will use its overdrive. Yuna is one of the most powerful characters in your team. The power of the Aeons is enormous and Yuna will need to master it in order to fight Sin like her father did.

As a summoner, Yuna can also use Magic. Most of the time she uses White Magic which basically consists in support and curative spells. As a summoner, Yuna also has a skill called Pray that recovers HP of all party members.

In-game Images
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With Yuna, we have completed our special feature on the characters of Final Fantasy X. Keep on visiting us for new unique coverage on this incredible game.

Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Harry (19 Dec, 2001)