Wakka and Blitzball  
"I decided to become a guard and fight Sin."

Carlito With his funny haircut, Wakka surely looks like a weird boy. In this feature we'll focus on this character and on the Blitzball game.

Character profile

Name : Wakka
Age : 23
Height : 182cm
Weapon : Blitzball
Hometown : unknown
Blitzball Team : Besaid Oaraka

General Information

Wakka is a 23 years old Blitzball champion. Wakka has protected Yuna since she was 7. His brother Chap died many years ago. Nevertheless Wakka is an energetic, light hearted yet stubborn character. Similar for his attitude to Zell from Final Fantasy VIII, Wakka anyhow acts in a more mature way. When he first meets Tidus, he is impressed by the resemblance of the boy with his dead brother. They immediately become big friends, and Wakka is sometimes a bit like Tidus' older brother.

Wakka is an extraordinary Blitzball player - and his muscular body is a sign of his physical strength. His face reveals his frank nature. He wears a blue bandana and he has one of the funniest haircut ever seen in a Final Fantasy game. His eyes are small and light brown, like his hair, and an earring is on his left ear.

Wakka's costume is the uniform of his Blitzball team, similar to Tidus's costume. It's made of a yellow and blue leather shirt which leaves his chest bare and blue shorts.

CG Images

Weapons and Abilities
Wakka uses a bliztball as a weapon during the battles. Throughout the game Wakka will find several balls, each with different abilities. Many balls are also able to inflict elemental damage to an enemy.

Wakka's Overdrive works like Caith Sith's limit in Final Fantasy VII. In fact Wakka uses a slot for his overdrive. Basically, if you match three symbols, Wakka will perform a powerful attack on all enemies. Wakka can learn new slots winning Blitzball tournaments during the game.

In-game Images

Every Final Fantasy game has one or more games into the game. Final Fantasy VII was probably the richest game of the series from this point of view. The game featured a wonderful amusement park, the Golden Saucer, where the player was able to visit all of the amusements. In Final Fantasy X Squaresoft has introduced a complex, engrossing game into the game, the Blitzball. As usual, the game is perfectly inserted into the world of the game. Wakka and Tidus are both champions in this discipline.

What is Blitzball?
Blitzball is an original mix of football, basketball and rugby played into a spherical ball of water. Each team is composed by 6 players(Left forward, Right forward, Middle forward, Left defense, Right defense, Keeper).

During a Blitzball match, the players are shown in a map on the left of the screen. Your players are shown as green arrows while your opponents are red arrows. When a player has the ball he/she is indicated with a bright circle. Each player has a series of stats that you have to consider with great attention to create a winning team. There are offensive parameters, defensive parameters and general stats like HP, speed and salary.

Playing Blitzball in Final Fantasy X is like playing an original RPG-Sports game. Each time a player has the ball, pressing the square button you have access to a menu of possible actions. Exactly like you would do during a battle, you have to choose one of them and the player will perform the action. For this reason, Blitzball is a game that requires first of all strategy.

In Blitzball, there are also other elements typical of the RPG genre. Encounters in which you have to face one or more opponents with your player, status ailments and experience points.

Manage your team!
The first match you'll play in the game is necessary to proceed with the story. After this first match, you have the possibility to create your perfect team and manage it throughout the adventure. Exploring the world of the game you will encounter other players and you will be able to ask them to join your team. When you hire a new player, you accept to pay him a salary in gils for a precise period of time.

With your team, you can play league tournaments (a full 10 games season ), tournaments (3 games), exhibition mode (only a game). Blitzball is an extremely complex game, and you could theoretically keep on playing it for hours and hours.

Playing and winning tournaments you will acquire abilities and objects useful for your adventure. For example, the only way to get Wakka's overdrives and upgrades for his weapon is to win certain tournaments during the game.

Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Carlito (17 Dec, 2001)