"I keep my memories inside me."

Rei Member of a bizarre tribe, Rikku is the youngest member of the party: but don't dare to think she's the weakest!

Character profile

Name : Rikku
Age : 15
Height : 158cm
Weapon : Claw
Hometown : unknown

General Information

Rikku is a young, cute, bright person; she is really a cheerful and friendly girl, like Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII. But she also has some resemblance with Zell (for way of acting in certain situations and for her language). Rikku is similar to many Final Fantasy characters, as Yuffie (she's the younger member of the party, daughter of an important figure of her tribe etc etc..), but she's not a mere copy of other characters from the preceding games. First of all, don't think of her as a little, sweet and innocent girl: she is very strong and helpful in battle.

Daughter of Cid, the leader of Al Bhed tribe, she has also blood ties with Yuna, who is her older cousin. But the strongest relationship Rikku has with another character of Final Fantasy X, is the brotherly friendship with Tidus. During the game, you'll be surprised by the resemblance between the two: they act in the same way, talk in a similar way, moving in the same wa... Most of the time they seem different versions of the same person... Just a last random note: Rikku fears thunders and lightning!

According to the brightness of her personality, but also according to traditional Al Bhed style, Rikku's clothes are especially made of yellow/red/orange tones. She wears an orange leather shirt with three buckles on each side. On her back, two long blue ribbons are held and flow about her. Then she wears a red belt and green childlike shorts. Her shoes are kinda strange and uncommon, composed by something similar to knee-socks topped by a grey band under the knee, and the shoe, made of the same grey material of the band.

Accessories like goggles, stuff on her arms and her necklace make Rikku look unique, even if following the style of her tribe. Rikku's hair is long, but not very original. In fact Lulu has a "similar" hairstyle (coincidence? We know that Rikku considers Lulu as an idol), and she's not the only one you can meet during the game. On the top her hair is tied in a sort of pony-tail, and on the lower part of her head it's braided. In general her look is usual of thief type (we have to mention Yuffie once again).

CG Images
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Al Bhed
It's Rikku's tribe. The leader of this tribe is Rikku's father, Cid. He's an important character during the game, who helps a lot the party. Al Bhed people are the only ones to reject Yevon religion in the world of Spira, venerating instead the power of machines and technologies. Strangely, you won't see old people of this tribe, only young persons. Almost all Al Bhed are good Blitzball players, especially Rikku's brother: Aniki. Al Bhed people speak following their own language, which you can't understand without help.

Weapons and Abilities
Rikku's weapon is the claw, the same weapon used by Amarant from Final Fantasy IX. Obviously, you'll be able to increase your strenght by getting new stronger weapons during the game. Rikku has higher speed than any other character of Final Fantasy X, and she's also, from certain points of view, similar to male characters. Like thieves, she can use the Steal ability. It can be very useful to get some rare items. She can also use Bribe ability to make your enemies go away in exchange of gil or items. Rikku's overdrive is called "Chougou" and it consists in combining two or more items in order to get different possibilities to defeat your enemy.

In-game Images
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Rikku In-game Screenshot 2
Rikku In-game Screenshot 3

Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Rei (17 Dec, 2001)