"It's my opinion that I will realize the ideals of my father, who died for his dreams."

Panuru Seymour is one of the most complex and determinant characters of Final Fantasy X. His presence is both fascinating and sinister.

SeymourCharacter profile

Name : Seymour
Age : 28
Height : unknown
Weapon : Rod
Hometown : Guado Salam
Class : Priest

General Information

Seymour is a priest of Yevon religion, the most common cult in Spira. He's respected and venerated for his position. The only ones who completely reject Yevon religion's teachings are the members of Al Bhed tribe (Rikku's tribe). In fact they refuse one of the most important commandments of this religion, which forbids the use of machines and technology. Nevertheless they respect Seymour. He is a sort of peacemaker figure: in fact, being son of a human and a Guado (a race of plant people) he's a living example of the possibility for all the races of Spira to live in harmony. He's a polite and elegant person, gifted with the grace of a dancer. Seymour is also a refined person, who likes beauty and power. This is a resemblance with Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

Seymour's name in Japanese is "Shimoa", because Japanese lacks of many sounds typical of Western languages. It seems the name Seymour derives from the French "St. Maur"; anyhow in English the name is clearly connected with sea or marshy lands. During the game, in Japanese, Seymour is called "roushi" or "roushi-sama", which underlines the sense of respect others feel towards Seymour's figure. Both appellatives in Japanese are used for older or wise persons.

Seymour's appearance shows his blood ties with Guado people and his social status of Yevon priest. He has regular and delicate features, but he's tall and strongly built; the veins that furrow his forehead and his stiffed hair are typical of Guado race. Eyes, hair and his curved nails are of a deep blue color, similar to lapis lazuli.

Seymour's costume is rich and magnificent, according to Yevon priests' tradition. It's composed by two different robes: a navy blue robe decorated with Yevon symbols over a red one, tied with a large green obi. His chest is left bare, with tattoos in evidence. This style of clothing is inspired by Japanese kimonos.

CG Images
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Guado Salam
Guado Salam is the town where Guado people live. They are plant people, similar to Seymour, who is half-Guado half-human: in fact some characteristics we mentioned about Seymour's look are in common with inhabitants of this town. Guado Salam is a very small town, where everything seems made of plants: buildings and houses have shapes taken from vegetable kingdom.

Weapons and Abilities
Seymour's weapon is a summoner's rod, which he grips in his hands. With the rod Seymour can attack the enemy or cast a spell. He uses both Black and White Magic. Those spells are the same of other Final Fantasy games, as for example Fire, Thunder, Blizzard for Black Magic, or Cure and Libra for White Magic. He's also a summoner, so he can use his personal Summon (Anima). Seymour's overdrive is called "Requiem": it consists in a powerful non-elemental magic attack.

In-game Images
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Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Panuru (16 Dec, 2001)