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Harry Our new feature on the characters of Final Fantasy X is about Auron, Tidus's master and Yuna's guardian.

Character profile

Name : Auron
Age : 35
Height : 182cm
Weapon : Two-handed Sword
Hometown : unknown
Class : Yuna's Guard

General Information

Wise, apparently rough but kind of heart, Auron is the oldest character in Final Fantasy X's party. After Tidus's mother passed away, Auron was the one to take care of the boy. Anyhow, Tidus doesn't know anything about Auron's past. The story of this character is revealed little by little throughout the game. His past is deeply connected to the fight between mankind and the fury of Sin. He was a friend of Jecht, Tidus's father, and at the beginning of the game, Tidus receives from Auron his father's sword.

The derivation of the name "Auron" is not clear. In latin, the adjective "Aureus" means "gilded, gilt", but in figurative sense it also means "noble". Many sources pointed out that the name could derive its first part from the Hebrew "Or". The particle Or substantially means "light given through guidance and wisdom". In this sense, Auron is a guide not only for Tidus and Yuna but also for the player. At the end of the game, Auron's own story is one of the keys to understand the events of Final Fantasy X.


The character design for Auron is another proof of the extraordinary work done in the development of Final Fantasy X. His face carries the signs of an adventurous and difficult past. A long nasty scar runs over his right closed eye. He wears metal oval-shaped sunglasses. His hair is dark, streaked by gray, and a long ponytail is hidden into his coat.

Auron wears a long red coat, with a shape typical of traditional Japanese garments. The sleeves are wide at ends and two leather belts are used at the end of each. Anyhow, while the left sleeve is tucked into a bracer, the right one hangs unused on the right side of Auron's body. In fact, Auron uses to keep his left arm hidden into his coat as if in a sling, a position typical of a Samurai.

Japanese tradition and science fiction are fused to create a character that is different from any other seen so far in a Squaresoft's RPG.

CG Images

Weapons and Abilities
Auron is a sword master. His weapon is a heavy and powerful two-handed sword. In battles, Auron is slower than Tidus but his attacks are definitely the most effective against armoured enemies. In fact, during the game, Auron can learn a series of Break attacks like the ones used by Steiner in Final Fantasy IX. These attacks are able to weaken enemies' defences. Power Break and Magic Break lower respectively attack power and magic attack power of the enemy. Armor Break and Mental Break lower respectively the physical defence and the magic defence of an enemy.

Auron's overdrive - called "Secret" - works exactly like Zell's Limit in Final Fantasy VIII. When you select Auron's overdrive a window appears in the lower part of the screen. A sequence of buttons is displayed together with a timer. In a few seconds you have to press the right buttons in the given order. If you are also to do this timely, the resulting move will be more powerful and complex.

In-game Images

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Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Harry (14 Dec, 2001)