"One has to decide to try to become someone just to get used to the person you want to become."

Carlito Our third feature on the characters of Final Fantasy X is about Kimahri, the powerful Yuna's guardian.

Character profile

Name : Kimahri
Age : 32 (?)
Height : unknown
Weapon : Spear
Hometown : unknown
Class : Yuna's Guardian

General Information

Kimahri is a young member of the ancient Ronso tribe, a clan of powerful demi-humans creatures gifted with extraordinary skills. He met Yuna when she was just a child. Since then, he has always protected her. Now that Yuna is ready to become a summoner and fight the evil force of Sin, he has sworn to always protect her as one of her guardians. Considering the lifespan of his species, Kimahri is just a youth. He is usually cold blooded, extremely reticent, but his unbelievable and still uncontrolled strength is ready to explode whenever he thinks Yuna is in danger.

Kimahri's figure seems to be similar to the one of Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII. Both are creatures with strong human traits, they are young but gifted with an unbelievable strength, they're part of an ancient noble clan.

Kimahri's protective attitude towards Yuna reminds Steiner's attitude towards princess Garnet in Final Fantasy IX. Anyhow, while Kimahri is first of all Yuna's most loyal friend, Steiner was just one of Garnet's servants, at least at the beginning of the game.

There is no doubt that Kimahri appears like the most impressive character in Final Fantasy X for his powerful build.

Leaving aside his color, he looks surely similar to the way Ifrit, the mighty summon creature present in all the latest instalments of the series, was represented in FFVII and FFVIII. Half human and half beast, he is a giant if compared to humans. His skin is blue, covered with white fur on the chest. His leonine face looks fierce and noble at the same time. His profound eyes and his long white hair give him the look of a sage. Kimahri has a strange, broken white horn on his front.

CG Images

Weapons and Abilities
Kimahri uses his spear to attack the enemy. This is a classic weapon in the Final Fantasy universe. All the characters using this weapon have always had particular skills in battle. Compared to a sword, the spear is a long range weapon. Cid in Final Fantasy VII and Freija in Final Fantasy IX had a spear as their main weapon. Just like them, Kimahri can use during the battle the Jump ability. This powerful move inflicts a much more powerful hit to the targeted enemy.

Anyhow, one of Kimahri's most important skills is the possibility to use Blue Magic as his overdrive move. Just like the spear, Blue Magic has always been a classic element in Final Fantasy. Basically, characters gifted with this ability can learn enemies' techniques and use them at their will. Many of these abilities like Seed Cannon, Flame fire, Aqua breath, Petrify, Death sentence are extremely useful to get rid of annoying enemies with ease. Other abilities are purely defensive. Mighty guard gives all allies "protect" and "shell" conditions, White wind restore half HP to all allies in the party. Overall, Kimahri seems to be an extremely equilibrated character. A strong warrior, at the same time gifted with the power of the Blue Magic.

In-game Images

Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Carlito (9 Dec, 2001)