"You may not know it now, but I was always the one who was correct in the past, right?"

Rei Continues our series of special features on the characters of Final Fantasy X. The second feature is about Lulu, the sexy black magician and the "strongest female character in the Final Fantasy series ever".

Character profile

Name : Lulu
Age : 22
Height : 167 cm
Weapon : Vodoo Dolls
Hometown : Besaid Island
Class : Black Mage

General Information
Lulu is a 22 years old black magician who comes from a noble family. She's not simply a typical black mage who uses her abilities in battle. In fact her duty is to protect Yuna, together with Kimari: we could consider her as a sort of master for the younger Yuna, who considers Lulu as a sister figure to her. Lulu's protective attitude towards Yuna seems to be the only reason she joins the party of our heroes. Towards others she acts in a harsh and cold way, not showing feelings, and always giving the impression of a composed and calm person. But Lulu ain't so easy to understand: her way of behaving sometimes really is an enigma.

Lulu's name, even if it seems so unoriginal and unattractive, could have several meanings. Maybe it derives from the Native Americans' language and it means "Rabbit". Another possibility is derivation from Sumarian language and its meaning is something similar to "luxuriousness" or "wantonness". This name seems to have some connections with Lilith's story in the Bible.

Her look is sophisticated and original: her dress and jewelry are a mix of different clothing styles (from Victorian Age to Japanese and from Goth to Arabian), according to her uncommon personality. She wears a long leather dress, with a corset and lots of belts on the gown. Her hair style and make-up are not so uncommon in Final Fantasy X world: there are other girls who wear this type of things (also Rikku has similarities with Lulu's hair style). She has very pale skin and this goes along with her dark purple/violet lipstick and eye shadow and most of all with her dark hair.

Lulu's appearence is based on precious and bizarre details, to underline her mysterious personality. She really is a dark lady, in all the accepted meanings of the definition.

Besaid Island
It's Lulu's hometown, a tropical island in the southern part of the world of Spira. It's a peaceful, wonderful place to live in, and people of Besaid Island are good and gentle. Not only Lulu comes from Besaid Island, but also Wakka, and Yuna lives there since she was 7.

CG Images

Weapons and Abilities
Lulu is known as the strongest female character in Final Fantasy series. Lulu uses her powers on a stuffed voodoo doll to attack. She guides the doll during the battle, moving along with it, to make it attack in an effective way. There are several dolls you can get during the game, to increase Lulu's abilities and power. Being a black magician, obviously she can also use black magic (known from other Final Fantasy games: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder etc..). She really is a powerful magician. Lulu's Overdrive is called "Temptation": when the meter bar appears on the screen, you have to twirl the right stick of the controller very quickly, so Lulu's will be able to cast more spells on the enemies.

In-game images

Note: All the names used in this feature are translated from the Japanese version of the game. For this reason, there will surely be many variations in the final U.S. copy of the game.

- Rei (7 Dec, 2001)