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Harry The Story

XXII century, Solar System. Long time ago the human beings left the lunar orbit and succeeded in definitively settling on Mars, where started a dangerous military regime called Z.O.E.. The sphere of influence of the human kind however extends up to Jupiter, from where huge quantities of necessary natural resources are drawn for the development and the progress. The workers and the inhabitants of these remote and cold regions of the solar system, called End Of The World are called Enders. They live in a colony, Antilia, placed on a satellite orbit around Jupiter. It is in Antilia that the story of Zone Of The Enders begins.

Leo Stenbuck is the main character, a 14 years old and introverted boy, full of problems. One day, together with a group of bully friends that force him to join them, Leo tries to enter in the base of the United Nation Space Force (UNSF) to steal some precious material of discard. The group is suddenly discovered, but before the boys are punished for their serious infringement, the orbital colony is attacked by the members of the Z.O.E. group. Antilia immediately becomes territory of battle and the number of victims is very high. Leo sees all the other boys who maltreated him dying in front of his eyes. Not hiding himself the thought to be freed of those people who so much had mocked him, the boy consider himself responsible for their death. Leo runs through the rubbles and finds himself in a place that hides the true reason of the attack. A gigantic orbital frame, a humanoid robot of unbelievable power and endowed with an advanced system of artificial intelligence, reveals itself in front of his amazed eyes. It is Jehuty, the last hope for mankind against the violence of the Z.O.E. group. Leo has the assignment to guide it.

The world of Z.O.E.

22nd century. The world of Zones Of The Enders is divided in three different spheres of influence: that terrestrial, that Martian and that of Jupiter. The inhabitants of the colonies are gradually conquering indipendence from the terrestrial influence.

EarthThe Earth is still the fulcrum of the human activity and it is the place where are placed the associations that control the Solar System. Nevertheless the other human settlements in the space are gradually conquering a strong autonomy. The United Nations have the control of the solar system and they also control the greatest military space army, called UNSF (United Nation Space Force). However the single nations have not disappeared. They hold their own territories out in the space and on Mars. Earth is surrounded by satellites, included bases at Lagrange's points and a gigantic spatial elevator that constitutes the point of departure for whoever wants to travel in the solar system.

MarsThe Martian territory is separated in various counties, each under the sphere of influence of a different terrestrial nation. However, the common difficulties and the dangers of life in the colonies have created a strong sense of brotherhood that goes beyond the feelings of race or nation. For this reason 16 counties, all willing to get the independence, reunited in the UCM (United Counties of Mars). But there are other organizations prepared to use extremely violent means to succeed in splitting themselves from the terrestrial control. Among these the one of the Bahran terrorists, that are secretly creating an army with orbital frames with the purpose to defeat the military strengths of the United Nations.

Jupiter The Extreme End of the World is the orbit of Jupiter, where the Enders live. The colony L5 Antilia is situated on a satellite orbit around the gaseous giant and it is the center of the mining activities of Jupiter's satellites, from where Helium 2 and Metatron, necessary materials to the progress of mankind, are drawn. These materials are refined in Antilia and then transported on Mars and on Earth through gigantic transport spaceships and through a revolutionary catapult system based on the phenomenon of the spatial distorsion. Antilia is a place full of tensions, both because of the constant dangers of living in the space and for the constant risk of terrorist attacks. In 2167, with the purpose to steal the secret plans of the orbital frames, gigantic humanoid robots, the terrorists of Bahran attacked members of the United Nations in their settlement on a Mars satellite, Deimos. After this attack the United Nations occupied Antilia to protect it from possible attacks of the group of Bahran. It is in Antilia that Leo lives, and it is here that begins the story of Zone Of The Enders, in the year 2172 AD

The Characters.

Besides Leo (extraordinarily similar to Shinji, the protagonist of another great Japanese series devoted to mechs, Neo Genesis Evangelion) in the game there are at least other two main characters.

Leo Stenbuck Leo Stenbuck
Age: 14
It is the main character of the game. Leo lives on the orbital colony of Antilia, in the extreme border of the habitable world. Introvert, unfavourable to every kind of violence, he's for his difference maltreated by his companions. But the destiny wants him to be the only one between them to survive after the attack of the ZOE army. He's the pilot of the marvellous robot Jehuty, and he will have to lead mankind to salvation.

Celvice Celvice Klein
Age: 14
Celvice is a sensitive girl who lives helping the orphans of Antilia. She will be the battle companion of Leo and his first true friend.

Viola Viola
Age: 22
Viola is the rival of Leo. She is a skilled member of the ZOE army and she pilots the advanced orbital frame Neith. Viola always fights on the front line, looking for a glorious death on the battleground.

The Mechs

Yoji Shinkawa drew for ZOE models of marvellous gigantic robots. These enormous robots seem to be a fusion between the mechs of Evangelion, awesome and grandiose at the same time, and those of Patlabor, undoubtedly more reassuring. However the new Mechs of the game, called orbital frames, leave a certain astonishment. When they are activated, it is possible to see the energy flowing into their body. One of the limits of Zoe is probably the small number of different mechs that Jehuty have to fight during the game. There are five bosses and three types of mechs that are the enemies you'll usually fight during the game. Here is a list of some of the mechs featured in this game:


It is the new model of Orbital Frame used by Leo. Jehuty is the cause of the attack of the group Z.O.E. to the colony of Antilia. The powers of Jehuty are unknown and mystery shrouds this powerful weapon, this robot that seems to represent the last possibility of salvation for the mankind.


It is Viola's Orbital Frame. It is an advanced model and it is endowed with an extraordinary power.


A colossal Orbital Frame built with the only purpose to destroy cities and strategic settlements of great dimensions.


It is the most common model among all the Orbital Frames with which Jehuty will have to fight. The ZOE army produces an enormous quantity of Raptors.

- Harry (25 Oct, 2001)