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- Europe's premier interactive entertainment expo has come to an end, and many important awards have been assigned to Playstation 2 and Playstation 2's games. Considering that there were no official Sce representatives at the show, it's a clear sign of the incredible popularity of Playstation 2 in the market.

This is the official news from Ects:


Black & White and Gran Turismo Take ECTS Awards Ceremony by Storm Winning 10 Coveted 'Stars' Between Them; Denki Blocks (GBA) from Rage is Best Game of the Show

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London today at ECTS - Europe's premier trade show for the interactive entertainment industry.

The ECTS Awards - known unofficially as 'Stars' - were presented to the winners at 3pm today at ExCeL.

The full line-up of winners is:

CTW Award for Marketing: Infogrames for Alone in the Dark
MCV Best of British Award: Sold Out Software
Develop Magazine Award for British Game Design Innovation: Criterion for Renderware
The Edge Award for Excellence: PomPom (developer of Space Tripper)
PC Format Best New Kit Award: NVIDIA’s GeForce 3
PC Gamer Best PC Game Developer Award: Bohemia for Operation Flashpoint

The following awards were voted for by more than 750 visitors to the ECTS website:

Best Console of the Year: PlayStation 2 (Sony)
Best PC Hardware: NVIDIA’s GeForce 3
Best Console Game of the Year: Gran Turismo 3 (Sony)
Best PC Game of the Year: Max Payne (Take Two)
Publisher of the Year: Ubi Soft

The Game of the Show Awards were voted for by a panel of elite European journalists and presented at ECTS to the following lucky winners:

Overall Best Game of the Show: Denki Blocks – Game Boy Advance (Rage)
Best PC Game of the Show: Project Nomad (CDV)
Best Console Game of the Show: Universal Studios – Game Cube (Kemco)
Best Handheld Game of the Show: Denki Blocks – Game Boy Advance (Rage)
Best Multiplayer Game of the Show: Anarchy Online (Funcom)

In addition to receiving a coveted 'Star', product winners were also presented with a marketing package allowing them to use the ECTS and Award logos on any future marketing material."

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec won also the following awards, based on the votes of thousands readers of key European gaming publications:

Console Game of the Year Benelux voted through Power Unlimited
Console game of the Year Eastern Europe voted through Action Plus
Console Game of the Year Germany voted through PlayZone, N-Zone and KidsZone
Console Game of the Year Spain voted through Solo

(Posted: Thursday, September 6, 2001, 1:43AM GMT)

- Harry

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