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Graphics : 7.5

The graphic engine is fast and runs smoothly, but there are many annoying draw-in issues that occur often in the most graphically complex situations. To hide this issue, a tedious foggy effect is used throughout the game.

Anyhow, Top Gun is a quite good looking game. There are 4 locations in the game - Gulf States, Arctic Circle, Miramar Base, South East Asia – each with numerous landscapes. Light effects and colors are extremely realistic, the explosions look quite good, and the textures used for ground objects are of higher quality than those seen in Ace Combat 4.

It seems the developers have preferred to have draw-in issues but better quality of textures. In fact, unlike Ace Combat 4, Top Gun: Combat Zones is a game that forces the player to a constant low level flying combat. As a result, cities and ground objects are richly detailed for a game of this genre. The planes are nicely built, and look almost real. They feature nice animations in their mechanical parts and high quality textures.

Sound : 5.5

The game features a series of uninspired, boring, generic tunes. Anyhow, the sound effects are quite good and you have the possibility to adjust the music volume separately from the sound effects volume. In other words, you can always turn off the music and put on the soundtrack you prefer in your stereo.

With 36 missions and seven planes to unlock, rich and varied environments, the possibility to play a fast game in the Quickstart mode, you’ll play this game for a few weeks. Anyhow there isn’t a multiplayer mode, that is always a good reason to play an arcade game for a long period.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 7.5

If you are looking for a flight simulator that plays like an arcade game, Titus’ Top Gun: Combat Zones, with its fast low level flying combat is probably the game for you. The replay value is good, and leaving aside the draw-in issues, this is also a good looking game. But if you need a gaming experience that’s a bit more engrossing, then I’d suggest to look elsewhere.

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- Carlito (15 Nov, 2001)

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Digital Integration
Titus Software
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
October 21st, 2001
December 26th, 2002
November 16th, 2001

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