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PaRappa The Rapper 2  
"I gotta believe!"

PanuruIt’s Parappa’s time. From the team led by Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblatt we have received Parappa the Rapper 2. On Ps2 arrives the sequel of the most appreciated music game for console. We missed Parappa, even if after Parappa the Rapper we had the time to play Um Jammer Lammy. If you liked Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy and you were expecting something to spice up your player’s life, this could be disappointing. Not because this game is bad, but because there aren’t novelties, relevant addictions or particular improvements if compared to preceding games mentioned above.

Gameplay : 6.0

The new Parappa the Rapper can be considered a clone of the first game. The story is quite bizarre and unusual, but that’s all. Nothing has changed in the formula of Parappa 1.
Parappa the Rapper 2 starts when a strange event happens in Parappa Town: the noodlezation begins! Everything, from burgers to people’s hair is transformed in noodles. This great catastrophe is caused by the Noodle Syndicate, led by the evil Colonel Noodle. Parappa, who can’t stand noodles anymore, for he also won a massive supply of noodles before the beginning of the catastrophe, while thinking about his beloved Sunny, is involved in this terrible situation with his friends from Milk Can (Lammy, Katy Kat, Masan) and other well-known characters from the preceding game (PJ Berri, Sunny, Parappa’s dad, Chop Chop Master Onion etc…). To save Parappa town and gain Sunny’s sympathy (she thinks Parappa is immature!), our hero will have to pass through 8 different stages. In some of them you will meet older characters from the other games (like Cho Chop Master Onion in level 2) while in the others you will be introduced to new characters (like Moosesha, who anyway has a link with Mooselini, or Guru Ant).
The scheme of the game is always the same: first you are introduced to the stage, with a practice test and an introductory scene, then you’ll have to face the “master”. Every stage has a master to be met and Parappa has to demonstrate his abilities. In reality, to pass the stage, you will need to push the buttons following a certain sequence given by the master. Every stage is divided in few rounds, every round being slightly more complicated. You’ll get a score for your performance, depending on your ability in pressing the buttons also paying attention to the rhythm. During each round a counter bar at the bottom of the screen will tell you how your performance is going. There are 4 levels: Cool, Good, Bad, Awful. If you get the Awful level for some turns, you’ll have to restart the stage. The higher is the level you get, the higher is the final score. If your score reaches a certain point, you’ll gain the access to a Bonus Stage where you will be able to increase your score. Here you’ll meet four little Chop Chop Onions, each of them representing one of the buttons of the Ps2 control. In the Bonus Stage you’ll simply have to chop or kick pressing the right control buttons.
Here’s all the gameplay of Parappa the Rapper 2. The only addiction is the double player mode. When you complete a stage, it’ll be possible to re-play it in Single Player Mode or in Battle Mode, against another player or either against the computer. This surely is a good idea for adding some fun to this game, otherwise repetitive and quite simple. In fact you don’t have to show brilliant performance to pass a stage. So, even if it’s good for those who are easily annoyed by the repetition of the same stage, it is not so challenging for other players.
That’s why I said previously that this game could represent a disappointment for all the ones who were asking for something more interesting and new from Parappa.

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Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
January 21st, 2002
August 30th, 2001
April 5th, 2002

Parappa is cool and cute as usual!

Parappa's beloved Sunny.

Moosesha, one of the masters you'll encounter.
More screenshots of PaRappa The Rapper 2

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