PaRappa The Rapper 2  
Getting jiggy with the dog once again.

TtTacklerParappa the Rapper rapped his way onto the Playstation in 1998 and surprised critics with its addictive "Simon Says" style gameplay. After Parappa the Rapper, a disappointing sequel by the name of Umjammer Lammy came along where Parappa only made a cameo appearance. After Umjammer, Parapper creator, Masaya Matsuura worked on Vib-Ribbon, which was just as bizarre as Parappa the Rapper 2 is going to be...

In the first Parappa the Rapper title, Parappa's task was to win over his true love, Sunny Funny, with rapping. But things are starting to get sticky with the Noodle Group in town. The Noodle Group has the uncanny power to turn any food into... Uh, noodles. Now the only food that the burger joint that Parappa works at is noodles. Not only that, Sunny Funny made him noodles for lunch and Parappa was already so sick of noodles, that he didn't eat them!

So how is Parappa going to get rid of the evil Noodle group? Rapping, of course! And once again, Parappa's friends will be there to help him.

The list of characters that will be helping out Parappa this time around are as follows, in no particular order...

  • Chop Chop Master Onion: How can you get rid of him? It seems as though he's wearing a new outfit too. Hmm...
  • Beard Burger Master: He owns the burger joint where Parappa is currently employed.
  • Instructor Moosesha: Moosesha is a demonic schoolteacher, you may want to stay away from her.
  • Hairdresser Octopus: It (Notice that I said it, what gender is this thing?) is a hairdresser that likes to give people afros.
  • Guru Ant: Guru any is a spiritual person who gives Parappa some advice in his newest adventure.

Once again, gameplay will consist of a "Simon Says" style gameplay, that will use all buttons on the Dual Shock 2 controller. You better keep up though, because if you screw up, you'll be booed for your lackluster skills. There is nothing really new with the gameplay except for more buttons to press and new songs, of course. But expect the same good ol' Parappa addictive fun that made the first title so popular.

On the PS2 this time around, the 2D characters in the game look sharper and more colorful. Animations in the game move more fluidly also. Although the graphics are nothing spectacular, the game has its own unique, quirky style that gets the job done.

If you're looking for a good dance game, and couldn't get into Umjammer Lammy or if you're still having seizures over Vib-Ribbon, then wait for Parappa the Rapper 2.

- TtTackler (October 28th, 2001)