Mister Mosquito  
An annoying little mosquito vs an average Japanese family...

CarlitoThis is surely one of the most unusual, original, mad games ever seen on a console. In Mister Mosquito, you take the role of a mosquito in search of food for the coming winter. Your target is the Yamada family, your mission is to drink their juicy blood while they are absorbed in everyday activities like talking on the phone, watching tv, lying on the bed. There is no need to say that there is also a subtle and comic voyeuristic component in this game.

In fact you could have to steal the blood of a young and cute Japanese girl while she is taking a bath. But a mosquito's life is far from being easy. The Yamada family knows you are in their house and they'll try to kill you with insecticides or with their bare hands.

  • Fly through and explore the 12 levels of the Yamada household, searching for victims.
  • Use Stealth to get the job done, or prepare for Air Combat as you do deadly battle with human inhabitants
  • Watch the family's relationship disintegrate as they take their irritation with you, out on each other.

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Reina Yamada
Reina is the daughter in the family Yamada. She is 17 years old and she is enjoying her second year at a private high school. She loves music, and long steamy baths. Reina will try to kill you in any way: she hates annoying little mosquitos interrupting her "quite time".

Mr. Kenichi Yamada - Dad
Mr. Kenichi Yamada is the father in the family Yamada. He likes to watch TV and to wear casual clothes when he is at home. Flower arranging and photography are his hobbies. He hates insect bites - this means another big enemy for our hero, Mr. Mosquito.

Mrs. Kaneo Yamada - Mom
Mrs. Kanoe Yamada is the mother in the family Yamada. She likes collecting empty boxes for future use and taking family pictures. She likes spicing up her dinner preparation with some sweet kung-fu practice. Of course, she hates mosquitos.

Ayaka - Friend Of Reina
She's Reina's best friend. They love hanging out together, listening to "Space" and gossiping about boys. Ayaka is always flaunting her family's wealth and she likes wearing stylish glasses. She hates the thought of being stung by the pesky little Mosquito; she's never been stung, and plans to never be stung. A good reason to sting her!

- Carlito (March 10th, 2002)