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Madden Nfl 2001  
Mr.Madden is as usual repetitive, but this game is simply marvellous.

CarlitoAmongst Ps2 launch titles, Madden 2001 was absolutely a top selling game. It was hard to find a copy of the game in its first release day. There are various reasons that make this game and the whole ten years old series a success. Madden is more than the usual football game. Thanks to a great attention paid to details and to intuitive yet realistic controls Madden has become a synonymous of sports games. All the characteristics of the series are here in this new Madden Nfl 2001, with some of the most astonishing graphics seen on a gaming console.

Gameplay : 9.0

Madden Nfl 2001 is completely in line with the previous instalments of the series, or rather we can say that it takes all the classical Madden elements to a new level. I've always liked Madden so when I got my hands over the game, I've thrown away the manual and I've started playing. A couple of selections in the option menu here, another one there and I was playing my first Madden Nfl 2001 game. And hey, you won't believe that, I've lost. The truth (*cough cough*) is that I was struck by the unbelievable graphics of the game. We all know how many great games Ea's developers have been able to create for the Ps2 launch but Madden 2001 will simply shock you the first time you'll see the players running over the field. Madden 2001, following the tendency of the series, is completely realistic. First of all, in opposition to other football games, the speed of the players is well balanced and the clashes are nearly perfect. Each player has his particular physical structure, a precise weight and height; all these parameters strongly influence the performance of the athletes. Trying to swerve round another player with a gigantic man is more difficult than doing the same thing with a little yet agile player. Strategy is fundamental to create a good team in Madden: like in other EA's games, you have to know your weaknesses and your strengths in order to beat the game. Anyhow, to have a decent defence is much easier than creating a good attack strategy, even for those who are not expert of football. On the other hand also your adversaries will be able in defence and you'll have to work a lot with schemes and similar stuff to create a good team.  The AI of both your players and your opponents has been improved; take a look at the players controlled by the computer and you'll immediately figure out that Madden Nfl 2001 is an extraordinary sports game.

The gameplay modes are a lot, and all are simply amusing

  • Situation Mode - In this mode you have the possibility to play one of the 15 most thrilling games in the history of American football.
  • Season Mode - You'll have to face 16 games and you'll need to play at your best too in order to defeat your adversaries and become the champion of the season.
  • Franchise Mode - Surely the deepest game mode in Madden 2001. You'll have to manage your team in every single aspect through a maximum of 30 consecutive seasons. You can sell and buy players to realize the team of your dreams. But above all you will have to create a team worthy of the hardest football championship in the world and I assure you, it won't be easy at all. Personally I've found this mode the most exciting among those featured in the game.  You'll see the careers of your characters evolving; some of them will become a legend while others will ruin forever their careers in accidents or simply because they'll never shine in a game.  Like in the Season mode, you will have access to a complete series of stats and you can also create a new player who will become your pupil.
  • Exhibition Mode - This is the mode to play a quick game; you choose your teams and you start playing.
  • Tournament Mode - Together with seven friends you can play an exciting multiplayer tournament. This mode really shines but you'll need two multitaps in order to take full advantages of it.
  • Practice Mode - If this is your first experience with Madden this is the mode to choose when you start the game for the very first time. You can try movements and  schemes here and choose those which better fit your team.

All these modes, united with a series of options which  will allow you to check every aspect of your favourite teams, would be enough alone to assure an excellent Replay Value to the game. But the good developers have decided to also insert the Madden Cards game. This game is very simple, but ingenious in its own way. You have to carry out many tasks during the game: to perform a passage that overcomes the 30 yards, to race for 60 yards without being jammed, to complete 20 consecutive passages and so on.  These tasks are called Madden Challenges. Every time that you will complete one of these assignments during your games you will receive some tokens, that will vary in number according to the level of difficulty you chose at the beginning of your game . Once you will have reached 40 tokens you can buy a bunch of cards, each related to a player, a historical or imaginary team, or to a particular bonus. These cards not only will strengthen your team for a certain period of time during the games and they will add many new players to choose from, but they will open new modes too. There are 296 cards, that you can find listed in the beautiful Thomas Fakler's guide that's in our download sections thanks to the author's permission.
I assure you that these Madden Cards, united to the perfect controls of Madden 2001, will turn you into a  Madden-dependent.

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EA Sports
EA Sports
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
October 23rd, 2000
January 18th, 2001
December 8th, 2000

Nice reflections over the helmet.

You know, football is a hard game.

The Madden Cards game.
More screenshots of Madden Nfl 2001

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