Atelier Lilie  
The pretty alchemist is back!

PanuruAtelier Lillie is not, as has happened for many other more known Ps2 titles, an absolute novelty. While they did not arouse great enthusiasm, two other chapters of the game were released on Psx in the past. The new Studio Lillie seems to be somehow connected to the others two: in fact it should be a sort of preceding episode, with which the series lands on the Ps2.

In the two chapters released on Psx it resulted clear, it is right to repeat it for the ones who don't know this title, that the atelier in question was not a studio of some artist or a fashion house, but it was instead a laboratory of alchemists. So it is obvious that this is also the subject of the new Atelier Lillie. In the first two chapters the protagonists, living and acting in a world in which strange chemical experiments had to go together with the desire of discovering truth of inviolable secrets, had to graduate at the academy of the alchemists. Being this chapter for Ps2 set in a preceding time, here Lillie, affirmed alchemist, has to succeed in founding and maintaining through earning money her academy.

Atelier Lillie mixes elements proper of the classical RPGs ( as the battles against monsters, the battle system and explorations in teams, the search for all the ingredients to realize the magic objects through the world ) with the entrepreneurial aspect. It consists mainly in earning money to maintain the academy; you have to sell the objects you have realized using the several objects you collected during your explorations. At the same time is absolutely necessary to plan a good strategy for the expenses and the entrances of the academy.

Besides Atelier Lillie uses the inside clockof the Ps2: in fact often the validity of the objects realized in your academy or of some particular missions depends partly from the time or from the moment in which they will take place.

We are able at this point to give a brief glance to the principal characters:

As says the title itself, Lillie is the protagonist of the game. Her qualities are exceptional; she is talented and she has business acumen. She has been an alchemist since when she was young, mainly thanks to her own strength. Despite her humble family, she has now become an important person in the alchemy's field.
She is only 10 years old, but she is almost already a skilled alchemist. Her specialties are the experiments and her rivalry with Ingrid to conquer the title of best alchemist is evident.
She is actively involved in the foundation of the new academy, and this is shown by the games already released, where she covered the role of teacher in the academy.
He is the one who suggested the foundation of the new academy and he is one of the most famous and experts existing alchemists.

If you have played one of the other instalments, you should have noticed that the references among the three games are numerous. Also the setting is the same, and the overall style of the game is entirely unchanged. The new Studio has some improvements in comparison to the precedents, above all in the graphic aspect; the innovations however are few and the graphics are basically 2D.

For the ones that are not interested to this type of RPG formula, the game can seem very limited and boring. For those people that are curious instead or even affectionate to the series, it could be a pleasure to find games like this one, that show a nostalgic taste, on their new console.

- Panuru (May 28th, 2001)